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channel relay 5v Customers Reviews

  • Really nice Relay for the price

    posted by tedao00

    For people who like prototyping stuff it is a really nice module. Very easy to use and very well built. For the price it is a really nice thing to purchase.
    Very well built, very cheap, nice quality, nice for home projects for hobbyist and student. Written in chinese, but this is not a big problem.
    A must have for those who make projects at home. If you need and would use, purchase it.
  • great product

    posted by linkduino

    Great response time. I had the relays switching in 3 ms intervals with no delay whatsoever. Switches without ark, other relays I got from the local electronics store created a nice spark when the relay engaged, This isn't a problem with this.
    I love the red board with the red LED's.
    Great product. Works great. Would recommend as a fun project to experienced Hobbyists.
  • Nice Board

    posted by TheWrecker

    CompactNice and easy terminals.No soldering.Hooked it up to 3.3v to switch 9V and it'll still trigger. Might be a bit of a gamble though.
    Great little relay which is hooked up to my raspberry pi (explains the 3.3v). Switches an external amplifier to increase the sounds volume of some portable speakers. Works perfectly.
    For me it was a great buy.Might buy it again, but looking at multiple relays on a board.
  • Works great with Arduino Uno

    posted by diypwn

    Works out of the box with 5V microcontroller boards like the Arduino Uno. Just hook it up to Ground, 5V and a pin of your choice. Use writeDigital(HIGH) or LOW to switch the relay on or off (or rather close the circuit Common - Normally Open).
    I have only used this relay with 12V DC fans that together draw less than 1A current. Even if the relay is rated higher I would not take the risk to go anywhere near the rating.
    Good value for money if you only need a single relay. Works great with 5V boards like Arduino Uno.
  • Great for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

    posted by spynappels

    This relay module has an on-board transistor, making it suitable for use with a Raspberry Pi as well as the advertised Arduino. Input current draw at 3.3v is less than 1mA.For RPi use, supply VCC pin with 5v and the input pin will operate happily at 3.3v.
    Be careful, working with mains electricity is very dangerous. Can happily be used at 240v AC by competent person, I'm using them for HVAC control run by the RPi.
    Good product, better than most because of the integrated transistor.

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