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  • Very good product

    posted by ziggy89

    was perfect to embed and connect directly to the motherboard in the SNES due to the size of the circuit board and it can be operated with the Super Nintendo original 9v power adapter.Have more book to use with other gaming consoles I want to connect to your TV without having to connect to the back of the tvNow I have been fall take the the Super Nintendo in my bed on the other side of the room without having to suffer with wires that are too short from the tv! :)
    short wire from the power adapter and it was two-pin US plug, not EU
    great product
  • Good value

    posted by Dutchgirl

    It works well with my Canon 550D Rebel and a very very old flash, which I couldn't use on the camera because of the high voltage it generates. It's nice that is has an umbrella stand embedded, I might use a flash umbrella later.
    I still have to figure out how to get the battery out of the transmitter, it doesn't appear very easy...but perhaps it is.
    It's a cheap solution to use (old) flashes off-camera. Great!
  • Ideal Bluetooth GPS receiver for GPS smartphones

    posted by testsubject

    * ideal for smartphones with integrated GPS just as much as smartphones without integrated GPS. Advantages over internal GPS chips in many smartphones are: 1) far better performance2) quick & reliable locks to satellites (often indoors too) and no need for network usage that sub-par Assisted-GPS usage entails on all phones with integrated GPS 3) no lengthy minutes-long waits for obtaining your current position. In most cases the Holux M-1000 obtains a fix in about 30-40 seconds, even under difficult conditions.With a device like this you are just using the GPS satellites and nothing else. Ideal for prepaid smartphone users who wish not to use the network for Assistance when obtaining a GPS lock and who prefer far better performance under a wide range of environmental conditions.* Battery lasts for about 15 hours+ and this means far better battery life for your phone (no need to use internal GPS chip on phone, if it has one). Longer trips with less frequent charges are possible.* Nice concave groove on the sides of the device make it easier to hold (even though the unit is about the size of a box of matches). The ON switch is harder to hit accidentally because it sits in this groove. Great design. The unit will never be switched on or off accidentally sitting in your bag or when handling the unit under normal use.* robust, tight-fitting battery compartment using standard Nokia BL-5C battery size. Even when the battery has to be replaced in the future, it can. This is unlike so many other devices that don't let the user replace the internal rechargeable battery and keep it out of reach. Most people don't know that these don't last forever (heat and charge / discharge cycles all contribute to death of rechargeable batteries meaning that at some point they won't hold much charge and need replacement. Battery replacement is very easy to do here and for not too much cost.
    * very solid construction* excellent packaging (environmentally-nicer cardboard inner carton). I wish all devices were packaged this elegantly. I dislike copious use of plastics and polystyrene in packaging and Holux have done the sensible thing here.* For data logging and PC use, perhaps this is not for you (look at other models).
    For GPS use with a bluetooth-capable smartphone with navigation software, the M-1000 is ideal.With super-sensitive GPS performance and great battery life and very good design, the Holux M-1000 is still among your best choices in this category.It delivers the goods.
  • Nice PC GPS Unit

    posted by realsauer

    This is fully sealed and has a strong magnetic base. Fast at lock on statelites even from cold. Low power consumption as it has a battery built into the device.The size is about as big as a matchbox.One of the main reasons that I purchased this over a Globalsat is the length od the cord is longer.
    Nice compact wee unit, my friends all want one now!!!
    Useful tool for making you netbook into a GPS
  • Seems to work fine, but with at least one bug.

    posted by Random343

    Low price, well made, sensitive receiver, works under tree canopy. Very accurate positions since unit is WAAS enabled (within 20’ under tree canopy and at base of 50’ high hills on two sides). Most useful for finding Lat/Lon and elevation of current position. LiPo battery seems to hold charge well. Works as expected except as noted.
    Would be nice if it was able to output NMEA sentences at mini USB port, but it doesn't seem to do so. Would rather have a slightly larger unit that used common AAA batteries since charging on long hikes would be a problem.
    Does everything I hoped it would.


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