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  • fantastic 40 mhz receiver

    posted by vs600

    It arrived very quickly and was very well packed I had read the spec sheet on deal but was still surprized by it's small size I got this Receiver to use with my model race car's to use for practice and was not dissapointed the fact that it has 6 channel's is great I only use two of them but this means its capable of powering other item's on the car for example fan's and battery readouts check's I'm that impressed with it I'm thinking of trying to put it into one of my race car's and use it in race condition's (Weight: 7.5g) but I dont know if it will take the punnishment in race situation's ?(see con's) I'll have to order another to sacrefice (you can at this price)Uses mini or standard sized crystals great
    Range: 800m.deal says No servo jitters when the transmitter is switched off ho yes it dos well mine did anyway
    it dose whot it say's it will,at this price whot do you want.
  • Very nice helicopter

    posted by PA0SPP

    It's a very nice helicopter. I'm a beginner and there were many crashes but until now not any damage!All plastic parts are very durable.I also ordered some spare parts (landing skids, batteries, e.g.) in case of any damage will occur.
    Binding the copter to the transmitter can be a problem. I found out that first you have to put in the battery in the copter and within a few seconds switch on the transmitter. Then it works.
    If you want to buy a very nice and stable flying helicopter is this V911 a good choice (see youtube).
  • RX 35 mhz 6 channel

    posted by Aquela

    Use this Rx to my new heli very small receiver , installed it to my HBK 2 hover for a while .It works perfectly for my original esky transmitter.JST connector fit perfectly to the receiver.
    I cant think anything else , but I thing this is a good receiver value for money
    Very small receiver can be use in airplane and helicopter , light weight good for HBK2 .Does't add more wt on my helicopter.Get it while its still available.
  • Great UHF Radio

    posted by adb-001

    Manual programming of this device is not easy especially with the poor english manual. Previous post user recommended software to use with USB programming cable to program and this made programming this device soooo much easier. Download: http://www.tyt888.com/WebEditor/UploadFile/2009923142720455.rar (TYT-900 device)and USB Drivers:http://www.tyt888.com/WebEditor/UploadFile/20101116144936454.rarUnpack and install on Windows XP (Do not use Windows 7 as it does not work. I ran up a Windows XP machine in Virtualbox and it worked nicely)USB programming cable is SKU: 66578 and works with this unit.I have not been able to test Australian UHF 80 Channel programming yet as I have no other devices to test with. (SHould have bought two of these for the price)FM Radio works well picked up MixFM Melbourne no problems.
    Good sturdy unit. Solid build good display and good audio. Has spoken channels (bit wanky) and also have 12.5 KHz frequency steps which is good. Also states to store 199 channels and from the looks of it will meet that statement. Only programmed 80 in at the moment. I intend to program the Aus V8 Supercars frequencies into this also.
    For the money buy two and 1 USB programming cable. Use the Aus UHF CD Radio site (http://www.uhfcb.com.au/80-Channel-UHF-Information.php) for the 80 CH frequencies and spend 30min plugging them into the software. Save the 80CH to a dat file to use on the other device/subsequent devices. This is my saviour.
  • MINI boat

    posted by Diammond

    Great Little Boat!Easy to use.Very small so if you don't have much space to store it, it doesn't need much!Very basic controls so good for children.
    For under $20 it is good for a child. But still costly compared to other items on DX for it's simplicity.
    If you want a cheap gift for a child, this is very easy to use. And will run out of power before the child gets bored of it.


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