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Check out the great cf to ide to see if there is any that suits you. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

cf to ide Customers Reviews

  • nice cheap SSD solution

    posted by thebeancounter4

    this thing is about a 10th of the price of other CF to IDE adapters.Build quality appears to be good and the instructions included are actually USEFUL for once.
    Good for use in mobile devices such as pdas or media players with an IDE function (like ipods with a HDD)
    If you just need a SSD to test hardware or software you are compiling and don't need fast read/write speeds then get it.
  • Does exactly what it should

    posted by dxped01

    Does what it is supposed to - plug in a CF Card and done is your low-cost 'SSD'.
    Performance in line with the CF Card's original Performance.
    I've used it to replace the 500MB Drive of a 15 year old Notebook with a 128-512MB CF Card and that worked flawlessly.
    ( Actually boots faster than with the HDD .. and in case you wonder, it is used as a Serial Terminal for a bunch of Servers )
    The SMD activity LED is soldered on the right side of the CF card's end - and this actually is about the worst place it can be.
    During one of the CF Card swaps I must have ripped that led off the board.
    If the Activity LED is important to you, you might want to cover it with a drop of Hot-Glue - or emply extra care when swapping CF Cards.
    Useful if you wish to replace older HDD's with CF Cards - and are aware of the fact that CF Cards are normally NOT SSDs.
    Certainly recommended !
  • Works with Toshiba Portege 2010

    posted by gdesilva

    I am using this in conjunction with a Compact
    Flash (CF) memory card (SKU 44606) to
    replace the faulty hard drive in my Toshiba
    Portege 2010 and it works very well.
    I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on the CF card and system boots without any issues. A good product for a very good price. I only wish the CF cards were a bit cheaper!
    A great way to replace an expensive hard drive.
    Good value for money.
  • Great CF ~ IDE 40 adapter

    posted by Papator

    I bought this CF~IDE adapter for personnal project, it works greatly with my Transend CF 4Go / 133x (supporting true IDE mode).It is possible to configure it as master/slave, using jumper).
    Great price, simple use.The "package" includes a little notice sheet (english).
  • Does support DNA

    posted by DougD

    Does support DMA on cards that support it. Transcend 266x cards operate on Linux in UDMA mode 4 (66 MB/sec). Not that "most" CF cards don't do UDMA at all.
    Great for building "embedded" systems likes edge routers and firewalls.

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