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  • Excellent - watch out for misinformation on the ne

    posted by jennertc

    Works perfectly, includes an access LED which is handy. Includes master/slave jumper. Well packed. Brilliant price. Now serving as my primary boot drive.
    There is lots of incorrect information online and in other reviews which I will try to correct. First, ALL these devices are passive - Compact Flash is designed to adhere to the ATA IDE standard and all these do is convert the CF connector to a normal IDE connector. There is no processing and performance of this versus any other adapter will be IDENTICAL. Speeds are down to the card and the system setup - ignore the earlier reviewer who claimed to get 150mb/s from a 16mb card (it's meaningless to benchmark performance at ten times the capacity of the card!).To make CF work on some motherboards as a bootable drive you need to make sure the card identifies itself as a fixed disk, not a removeable disk - most do not. There is a Sandisk utility called "atcfwchg" (Google it) which lets you configure this option on Sandisk cards.For decent performance you must use a fast card - I get excellent read and write speeds from a 4gb Sandisk Extreme III (>30mb/s). Finally, some cards mis-identify their PIO and UDMA capabilities. Mine would not reliably read with BIOS autodetecting, I had to manually try different combinations until I found that UDMA3 was the fastest it would cope with.
    Excellent adapter. Be very wary of all the incorrect information about using these adapters - read up properly and use a good quality CF card. Ensure the card can be set to fixed disk mode and that it's at least 133x speed. Be aware that CF cards have limited writes so take steps to minimise these (e.g. disable pagefile in Windows). Some of the IBM X40 forums online have excellent information on replacing hard drives with CF.
  • Works with Toshiba Portege 2010

    posted by gdesilva

    I am using this in conjunction with a Compact
    Flash (CF) memory card (SKU 44606) to
    replace the faulty hard drive in my Toshiba
    Portege 2010 and it works very well.
    I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on the CF card and system boots without any issues. A good product for a very good price. I only wish the CF cards were a bit cheaper!
    A great way to replace an expensive hard drive.
    Good value for money.
  • Small, cheap, good build quality.

    posted by mikes78

    This item is hard to write negatives about. if you wanted a smaller form factor CF card reader there are other ones out there (SKU 10310 for example), but this one is handy if you need to get something that is closer to the original 2.5 inch drive form factor so you actually have something to grab to remove the device if the drive is "insertable" from the side.Soldering is of good quality, no dry joints to be seen, and it's as fast as the card (or in my case, microdrive) you plug into it simply as it provides an electrical adaption between IDE and the compact flash/microdrive card.
    same physical diameters as a 2.5" drive, which is handy for when you have to push the drive "into" a chassis as opposed to just unscrewing a lidand picking it up out of it. The smaller form factor cards would be impossible to get out of my Toshiba Libretto 50CT due to the location/design of the drive bay. Worth it if you have a use for it.
  • CompactFlash CF Card to IDE Hard Disk Adapter Card

    posted by monkeytail

    he has a good price (in th netherlands i pay 5€ for the's things)
    good build quality.
    it is an adapter and not a converter so youo have de fullspeed form you cf card (or the ide poort whene your cf card is faster)
    not at all
    he is just good
    buy 1 or 2 just in case you mes 1 up
    koms in handy when you wana make a cheap solide state hardrive.
  • CF to Toshiba 1.8-inch IDE Hard Drive Converter

    posted by sohman

    Reasonable price, physical size small enough to fit into the space previously occupied by a 1.8 inch HDD
    I had a mini laptop with a broken 1.8 inch hard disc and a compact flash card I had previously used in a video camera. With the CF card and this adapter I could bring the laptop back to life. As a bonus the battery life improved since the CF card uses less power than the HDD did before it failed. The adapter+card is also slightly lighter than the HDD.
    If you have a redundant CF card and a mini laptop with a dead 1.8 inch IDE HDD this is a cheap way to make both useful again.


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