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  • I had no problem at all with SKU 19675.

    posted by Shumaher918

    Looks good, cables, included a still unused))Pack in a plastic bag as usualy.
    You are to pay attention on the right side of zif.It is important.I was surprised of other reviews.If i`m lucky but i don`t. It may be some mistake in conection.Or some glasses a need to check the chinese soldering as usualy quality)).
    I`s only a connections and it must work.Also it`s the best prise i have seen. Advise for a good hand people as all for this DX)).
  • performs as described, but not beyond

    posted by axlety

    Works in Linux, Win95 and WinXP. Does not require CardBus, so it works on really old laptops. The build quality is good. I didn't notice the plastic case in the photos, so it came as a pleasant surprise.
    I was hoping to use this adapter to move files to/from an IBM ThinkPad 701C. That's because this laptop does not have FDD, CDROM or USB. The OS is Win 3.1, so it does not have drivers for a PCMCIA Ethernet card. IrDA also does not seem to be supported.
    First, I inserted the card into PCMCIA port, and booted the win3.1 from HDD, but the flash card was not recognized. Then I removed the hard drive and replaced it with this card (the hard drive has PCMCIA interface too). However, the computer got stuck in reset loop.
    Useful if you want to add storage to a win95+ laptop that does not have a USB port or a CardBus interface.
  • Value for money 32GB CF Card @ 60Mb/s

    posted by xtn32

    *- It's a geniune Transcend 400X 32Gb CF card
    - Reads @ 90Mb/s and writes @ 60Mb/s
    - Much cheaper than what I can get locally, which is like $15 to $20 more
    If you need a higher capacity CF card which writes @ 60Mb/s and reads @ 90Mb/s, look no further. 32Gb should suffice most photography buffs out there. If you're into sports or birding, you might want to opt for the faster 600x version (sku.71884), but it's about double the price. The 64Gb 400x (sku.50400) is also descently priced, if you need a much higher capacity.
  • Works well, capable of at least 45MBps reads

    posted by Boozer

    Tested this with a 233x RiData CF card - Linux hdparm -t showed consistent 45MBps reads - most likely limited by the card itself. Was able to boot Ubuntu off the card etc. Build quality seems quite good. Very happy.
    Be careful inserting CF card - easy to misalign and bend the tiny pins. If you want to boot Windows off of this do your research - by default it won't work with most CF cards. There are utilities that may be able to help if you want to boot Windows off this. Works great with Linux without doing anything special. Don't expect high-end-SSD speeds or longevity, but great for a small server where you mostly just use the CF for booting and don't write to it much.
    I was worried this might not have great throughput (some SATA-to-ATA converters have terrible throughput and thought this might use one of those chips), but it went at full speed (sequential reads) with the fastest CF card I currently have. If you need solid-state storage that you'll mostly read from and want good speeds, this seems like a good choice.
  • Great card for the price

    posted by jrrhack

    It looks genuineA lot of space for your digital camera, the speed is pretty fast as expected, it comes with a plastic pouch for carrying.The box came perfectly original with no problems
    I would buy another when I needed for sure.
    Its a great purchase for the price.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.

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