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cf card Customers Reviews

  • Big Storage, Teeny Price

    posted by leonardlow

    16GB of awesomeness for just $50. I've been using mine in a Canon 5D Mk II to take 25MB raw files in bursts of 3-6 shots (at 3.9 shots per second), and Full High Definition video... and this card has been working perfectly.
    Good memory card, even for professional use. Was worried it might be fake before I received it, but I've been using it for several months now and it is a real 16GB high speed card.
    If you need the size and decent (but not stellar) speed, this is good value.
  • Works great

    posted by MannYboi

    - Very well built
    - Works without drivers on my Vista OS
    - Fancy package
    - Works perfectly with my Dell Studio 1555
    - Red LED which shows if the card is properly plugged in
    It works great, and no drives required on Vista. Much better and compact solution to have with you when youre photographing out in the field and brought your laptop than dragging around on a card-reader with cables and stuff. The card goes straight in, and doesnt seem to have slower transfer-rate than my USB 2.0 memory card reader from Hama.
    Great and compact solution for your laptop and your camera, i love it. Very easy to use. Buy it if youre sick of that usb memory card reader, and wants to make use of your 34mm ExpressCard slot!
  • high speed transfer

    posted by Polonium

    - The real thing: Transcend CF 133x
    - Works perfect with my camera: allows me to take more pictures in a shorte time.
    - works also in my Compaq Ipaq
    - solid design, no "fake"
    - High speed reading, high speed writing
    - i hope the 16 MB versions will pop up soon ( for a great price!)
    I would recommend this CF and I hope that very soon bigger CF would be available for a low price.
  • Great card for the price

    posted by jrrhack

    It looks genuineA lot of space for your digital camera, the speed is pretty fast as expected, it comes with a plastic pouch for carrying.The box came perfectly original with no problems
    I would buy another when I needed for sure.
    Its a great purchase for the price.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.
  • It's great

    posted by agebarros

    • easy to use: just insert your memory card and plug the device in the computer• raw file transfer is very fast• firmware updates easily (when requested)• good design protect the unit when in the field (pop up system)• reliable (Lexar has very good products) very high quality, very well built
    A must accessory to have in bag of all photographers. I had a cheap card reader. After I bought this Lexar I saw the difference. Worth the investment.
    Fast and convenient: small, easy to carrier, transfers in high speed.

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