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cf card adapter Customers Reviews

  • good item tested on 5D mkII

    posted by c12402

    works very well with Canon Mark II and eye-fi card, despite Canon says it does not work!Most of similar adapters had a metal shield to protect from RF interferences, however this locks the wifi signal when using an SD wifi card. The lack of shielding in this adaptor, favors a much better reach of wifi signal.
    A bit afraid after reading Canon warning, but reeading some positive test in web help me decide.On top of that, I've found that I can save money also as SD card speeds are quite good now compared with CF cards normally faster. Latest models of Sandisk with 95mb/s are comparable with the fastest CF cards at much lower price. It helps not only in this aspect but also to reuse SD cards to your second (normally cheaper camera) that use SD. It helps also in passing data to computers without the need of a CF adapter, just the standard SD slot included is enouh.
    Vvery good buy, definively recommended product.
  • It's working

    posted by pikar

    Great item. Very hard to find anywhere else. I used it in an D700 the only takes CF cards which are even harder to find. Type 1
    Adaptor works well - I can use this card in my camera without a problem. No problems noted. Are satisfied. So if it breaks down or someone will ask, I'll order more.
    very good product I recommend to everyone, and very useful for those in need. needed a very well attended and that my expectitativas recommend to everyone. worth investing in it.
  • Best CF-SATA adapter

    posted by jankkhvej

    This is the best CF-SATA adapter I've tested today. It support all CF modifications at full SATA I. Speed is limited by CF card capabilities. It detected and connected really old 16M Lexar CF with PIO4, old 128M PQI CF card with PIO2, newer Transcend 2G 133x with UDMA/66 speed. All cards are working like a charm. Really useful adapter to build cheap SSD alternative.
    May be newer versions of this adapter should include eject lever to easily extract CF from slot.
    Very good adapter. DealExtreme deliver quality and satisfaction.
  • nice cheap SSD solution

    posted by thebeancounter4

    this thing is about a 10th of the price of other CF to IDE adapters.Build quality appears to be good and the instructions included are actually USEFUL for once.
    Good for use in mobile devices such as pdas or media players with an IDE function (like ipods with a HDD)
    If you just need a SSD to test hardware or software you are compiling and don't need fast read/write speeds then get it.
  • Good Adapter

    posted by drTr0jan

    Quality conctruction, overall look of brand product. Does the job perfectly. Fits in PCMCIA slot completely, there is nothing on the outside of slot.
    This adapter helps you to utilize the native feature of PCMCIA bus to work with CF cards so the speed fully depends on your chipset and card. This adapter is only for mecahical purposes of connecting the slot and card together.
    And I don't quite understand what are INDEX sticker on the back side for.
    Useful thing if you are use CF cards frequently with your notebook and don't want to carry a conventional USB card-reader. Just plug it into a notebook and forget.


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