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ceramic sheath Customers Reviews

  • good knife

    posted by FENIXusha

    The knife good, the convenient pen, in a hand doesn't slide, a material of the pen the pleasant. In a set there is a convenient cover, it is possible not to worry that the knife will lie near to metal knifes.
    If covers to ceramic knifes were on sale separately, it would be very convenient for buyers of ceramic knifes
  • Nice and good knife

    posted by ki1ohke

    It has a ceramic blade and looks really stylish. The finish is good and most important (according to girlfriend) it looks really good...When cutting with it it works just as good as any other metal counterpart that holds a good edge.The handle is made out of rubber and is not completly round as some other ceramic knives on DX. So, if you put it beside the popular three-knife-sets sold here you can see that the do not match.
    Nothing to think about, looks good and works well.
    Buy and try!
  • Great low-cost ceramic knife

    posted by dmilakovic

    - Sharper than I thought it would be for that price- Stays sharp- Easier cleaning- Good protective sheath
    I'm using it for several days and still cuts the same, and my low-cost steel knives would be blunt by that period. Will see if it stays sharp enough after a longer time period. Cuts vegetables and fruit like charm. I can finally cut really thin slices of vegetable and fruit with such ease and precision all the way to the cutting surface. It can cut meat too, but you must avoid bone and cartilage because it can break it if using greater cutting force.
    Great and easy to use kitchen knife! Most recommended!
  • Useful addition to the kitchen

    posted by StreetTriple

    Looks cool.Protective cover is nice to have.This gets more use than our steel knives now.The size is perfect for most chopping needs. e.g fruit, cheese, chicken (but keeping away from bone).Staying sharp so far.Handle keeps fingers away from blade which what put me off some of the cheaper ones.
    Sharpness seems slightly better than a sharp steel knife.Slicing some firm cheddar required about half the pressure on the ceramic knife v a steel knife.
    Would definitely buy again.The price is higher than others but you do get a better handle and mine at least was sharp.
  • Very cool knife

    posted by robynbohl

    Well made product with a protective sheath means it can be stored with metal hnives in drawer. Attractive appearance impresses visitors and generally an excellent product. The vegetables quiver with fright as soon as it is taken from the utensil drawer.
    Definitely choose a knife with an included protective sheath for long life. Initial sharpness is comparable to a good steel knife and after 2 -3 months of heavy use is still sharp.
    Recommended for careful user and a good conversation piece for visiting chefs.

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