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ceramic knife sheath

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase ceramic knife sheath here and you can save money at the same time. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. People who browse ceramic knife sheath also browse ceramic knife magenta and 7 ceramic knife. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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ceramic knife sheath Customers Reviews

  • One of the best ceramic knife on DX

    posted by uraha

    The handle, it's makes the knife feels so natural in your hands. It feels like an extension to your fingers. haha I might be exaggerating a bit but it does feel good to hold. It's so grippy so it wont slip when there is water. The ceramic blade is very sharp like it should be. It terms of sharpness it's probably the same as my other ceramic knife I own
    The packaging for the knife is study but too big in my opinion.
    Get this knife if you need something small to cut fruits. It's great for cutting apples. So smooth.
  • Good and portable

    posted by AndreGlock

    Very lightweight.
    Very sharp, and the sharpness last for long time.
    Can be carried easily since the sheath protects it.
    The blade is white, so it is different than any other metal knife.
    Very good to carry to the University's Restaurant where the knifes don't cut well and the meat is very hard.
    I still don't tried yet, but I think you can get inside the bank with it since there are no metal in the stuff.
    You will need a ceramic sharpening to sharp it.
    Can be used to cut the neck of animals in religious slaughtering.
    Good, lightweight, cheap, portable and sharp.
  • Incredible knife

    posted by riven78

    Good quality Reasonable price Good. Very convenient handle. The material of the handle is pleasant to the touch. It was very sharp,
    For the money you pay it is a really good ceramic knife and can absolutely be compared to more expensive knives. Size is perfect for kitchen
    Recommended knife. excellent cutting of vegetables and salads. Thus, the ceramic surface of an edge excludes a premature fermentation even such salads which in the absence of a ceramic knife should be torn hands to exclude contact with a metal knife blade.
  • Amazing ceramic knife

    posted by wikolii

    This is a great deal.The knife is very light and sharp as hell.Almost too comfortable on one's hand, can cut through tomato skin like no other (if you know what i mean)
    Never use these on a hard surface as stone, ceramic plates or anything hard.Use only on plastic, wood or other smooth surfaces.
    Buy it, it's a GREAT deal.This was my first ceramic knife.I'm buying a larger one now.
  • Great low-cost ceramic knife

    posted by dmilakovic

    - Sharper than I thought it would be for that price- Stays sharp- Easier cleaning- Good protective sheath
    I'm using it for several days and still cuts the same, and my low-cost steel knives would be blunt by that period. Will see if it stays sharp enough after a longer time period. Cuts vegetables and fruit like charm. I can finally cut really thin slices of vegetable and fruit with such ease and precision all the way to the cutting surface. It can cut meat too, but you must avoid bone and cartilage because it can break it if using greater cutting force.
    Great and easy to use kitchen knife! Most recommended!

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