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ceramic knife holder

Every single ceramic knife holder displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Of course, you can find them from ceramic knife green, ceramic knife blue. With your support, we can do better.
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ceramic knife holder Customers Reviews

  • Fits well

    posted by rikkabr

    Lovely kit, smart, compact , well shaped, with a smooth blade cuts and really lightweight it is great for semi-pros and extended tasks.Also these blades are really sharp!
    Knifes are in perfect shape but but my holder came broken down... Please review the knifes holder internal package
    Good product for the price.It is beautiful, well made, heavily recommended
  • Very Nice Set

    posted by Bi9Al19

    These are very sharp knifes, they cut through just about anything(except bones-these damage the blade).The ergonomics of the handles are nice.The knife stand is also very good quality, it looks very smart on the work counter.
    Very nice knife set, if you need and/or want a quality set of ceramic knifes, & don't want to pay a premium price, then this is the perfect set of knifes for you.
  • The perfect gift

    posted by onaqui2

    Very good looking knives and knife holder, looks and feels like a high-end item. Extremely good quality knives.
    I bought this as a present for a relatives 40th birthday and it exceeded my expectations. These knives would cost about 5 times this price in my country, i saved a fortune buying them!
    Sharp knives, ceramic knives stay sharp longer than steel knives. But this also means they are a bit harder to get sharp again. When you actually do have to sharpen them it will take a bit longer than sharpening a steel knife. It works in the both directions, but having a knife sharp longer is so worth it.
    Also cutting through cheeses and other things that are usually a bit problematic with steel knives was alot easier with these. About half the pressure is required to cut through a piece of hard cheese with the ceramic knives instead of steel knives.
    Good knives, good knife holder, well packaged and didn't take too long to get shipped to Sweden. Saved me alot of money and i'm a very satisfied customer.
  • Great knives

    posted by tomas.b44

    -Great price for a whole set of knives-Holder looks nice and easy to slide in knives-Comes with blade protectors for each knife wich is handy if you dont want to use holder-reaaallly sharp and as long as you use them on a non glass cutting board they remain that way for a long time.-nice weight to them
    The peeler is virtually useless. I tried peeling an apple with it and it chewed the apple up. Other than that the knives are a really nice quality. Be sure to use on a proper cutting board(non glass) to keep the super sharp edge.
    If you're interested in buying a knife set these are really good!
  • Very good design and cool colors. Good rubber grips.

    posted by detachments

    Good looking colors and nice design! Very good quality. Convenient rubber grips with convex dots for fingers!Nice holder which takes little place.4 knifes and peeler in one.
    I`ve bought 2 knifes sets from DX and this one (which costs less) have best quality and looks expensive.
    Very good choice! I`m very glad that I bought it!My girl like it very much!

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