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Finding your favorite ceramic knife chic is easy in our product catagories. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Find more hot gadgets at ceramic fruit knife and ceramic knife yellow. With your support, we can do better.
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ceramic knife chic Customers Reviews

  • Appears well made with rubberised handle

    posted by Festus

    Reasonably priced. Stays sharper longer and easily cleaned. Comfortable grippy rubberised handle. Mid-size blade means it's a useful knife for many tasks in the kitchen.
    Sharper and more likely to stay sharp when compared to many cheaper steel knives.
    Useful addition to the kitchen drawer.

    posted by Sevres

    This is the coolest kitchen knife I've ever owned.The blade is made of zirconium oxide, which is an extremely hard material (almost as hard as diamond, and diamond is the hardest material on Earth).It is VERY sharp. Cuts through boneless meat, ... like a burning knife would cut through butter! One "slicing" is enough and will give you a very clean cut.Also very nice looking. The blade is blackish, and the non-cutting part is shiny (it's a mirror). I really like it.The handle is soft and allows for a very comfortable grip.
    I bought another one for myself if the first I bought ever breaks or loses sharpness. Also bought a smaller one for me, and two for my mother (7" and 4").
    I REALLY like it. If you ever eat anything that's not oven-ready or microwavable, you must buy this knife.
  • 4" Ceramic Knife

    posted by Ascana

    Easy, refined, conveniently lies in a hand, easily washes. Tried to make the forbidden (cross) motions at cutting of products - doesn't break yet, it is not slivered, doesn't crumble. The majority of products easily cuts. My finger too :-(.
    As a whole with purchase it is happy. To find now for them a sharpener, can will start to cut better.
  • ceramic knife

    posted by mica59

    It is an excellent product! very good, sharp knife is super-lightweight, albeit very fragile and we must care a lot-
    as the material that is manufactured is ceramic, not need sharpening (comes with factory edge)Very useful when cutting vegetables, because as it is steel not turn black ..
    excellent! I am an international chef and are very useful in my profession. but also the use daily at home
  • A novelty in my Kitchen

    posted by pataplana

    Incredible knife. It's very easy to handle, and comfortable. Black colour makes it classy and distinctive. For me the sharpness it has is very good
    Well built, quality of materials is good.
    And the better, very very cheap for a knife of this blade size. Well pacjkaged, it takes only 2 weeks and a half to arrive.
    I bought this as a gift for my mother. She was very impressed and obviously she was very grateful with me.
    Cakes, pizzas and fruits are cut sharply and easily.
    She loves it !!!!
    Really thinking on buy more of this in the future, with this price, this quality and package, but now for my kitchen !

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