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ceramic knife 6 chic chef

On this page, you can find a wide selection of ceramic knife 6 chic chef. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can find what you want at chic chefs ceramic knife set, knife ceramic chic chefs magenta. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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ceramic knife 6 chic chef Customers Reviews

  • Very good knife

    posted by marcoveiga

    These knives have numerous advantages of other types of knives like stainless steel. Some of these advantages include hardness, weight, durability, and the ability to resist stains.
    Although ceramic knives are much harder than steel, they do not have superior strength. These knives are very rigid and inflexible. This means that you have to be very careful when you're using or storing them. The edge of ceramic knives will chip if you use them roughly
    Ceramic knives are also chemically inert. Being chemically inert means that these knives won't give your food a metallic smell or taste like steel knives will. They also will never brown your foods like steel knives can. The surface of ceramic knives will also resist germs, so they are great for people who suffer from certain allergies.
  • sharp and usefull

    posted by Ricardomarks

    the knife is really usefull, easy to clean and well done ( quality and design). Price compatible with the features , different colors. Excelet for fuits, meat without bones, bread and other soft materials
    Pay attention with hard surfaces. This material is not designed for cut meat with bones and never let it fall on the floor... it will broken.
    worth its price and very usefull. Could be an excellent gift.
  • great

    posted by martintog

    this knife is a ceramic, with all the pros that correspond for such a knife.It's wooden handle is of good quality, with varnish on it, which can be a con... very easy to use, light but heavy enough to cut and slice as if you were carrying a laser saber.
    a good product
    maybe a bit expensive considering the 6" black or white knives at 11$ but much more beautiful in your kitchen.
  • A good set knifes

    posted by Accsess1

    A good set for a great priceVery light,convenient handle for useoptimal set for the initial familiarization with ceramic knives
    I would recommend this as a giftIt is unknown how they will behave with prolonged use over a year
    I would recommend this as a gift, as well as to explore ceramic knivesI would like to handle was made ??of plastic or rubberized soft touch
  • Best knife for the Price

    posted by Luban

    The knife comes very Sharp. Tried the weight of the blade through a piece of paper didn't make it all the way through,barley any pressure cut paper as well as fruit and veg. Single bevel edge but micro bevel on back so it cuts with ease.
    Great knife for the price, buy one as a gift or family kitchen utility knife. I would recommend this knife to all my friends. just a great cutter around the kitchen.
    With the purchase I am very satisfied. I recommend to all. Fast delivery, great quality products, low price.

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