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ceramic knife 6 chic chef

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ceramic knife 6 chic chef Customers Reviews

  • Excellent knife

    posted by juanmac

    Excellent knife, nice blade and good sharp.I use it to chop and slice vegetables and fruits in general. It comes in a nice packaging.Cuts through boneless meat, and a very good looking knife too!
    Excellent shape for chopping. A Must have! It is much cheaper for that kind of quality.
    You should have this knife if you like ceramic knives. The price is good and the quality too. Don't waste your time buy it!
  • it is pleasant to me

    posted by 555ANGEL555

    well and conveniently lies in a handvery sharp and safe, I not to time wasn't cutI use some months, and the sharpness wasn't lostis ideally suited for are sharp salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and all more or less softdoesn't leave metal smackthe easy
    it is really safe, how many I don't use it, wasn't cut. a metal knife with the same sharp sharpening, I would already be cut, and it I can not. it safe!
    it is pleasant to me
  • Not that good ceramic knife

    posted by Mandingo12

    Good looking knife and it came very well packed and protected, which I do appreciate. The plastic looks good and the knife is well attached to the handle. Ease of use for salads and ease to cut food.
    Do your research before you buy this brand.
    Would not get another one. Will buy ceramic knife but other.
  • Useful and very shapr knive

    posted by kikirikibg

    Cuts trough fruits, vegetables and meat like trough butter. It cuts with almost no effort. I already tried it on oranges, lemons, brocolli, onions, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, pork and beef meat. The packaging was good as it can be seen from the photos.
    This is my first ceramic knive so I'm comparing it only to the metal knives I've had. It is important how long will it stay sharp but this is something that may hapen later and I'll will mark it in the forum when it does. The handle is not slippery, but better use it with dry hand. When using the knive stay away from the blade, you'll cut yourself before you know it.
    I was very pleased after using the knive for a week and ordered myself another one.
  • great

    posted by martintog

    this knife is a ceramic, with all the pros that correspond for such a knife.It's wooden handle is of good quality, with varnish on it, which can be a con... very easy to use, light but heavy enough to cut and slice as if you were carrying a laser saber.
    a good product
    maybe a bit expensive considering the 6" black or white knives at 11$ but much more beautiful in your kitchen.


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