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ceramic cup mug

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ceramic cup mug Customers Reviews

  • My favorite Mug right now!

    posted by Youshuu

    - Very good material, look resistant.- Perfect painted, love the chrome part.- Nice size. The 400ml if enought for wherever you want it, coffee, water, tea...- Gorgeous design!- All my fingers fits very well.
    For me was like love at first sight, is so unique. I just know one person that own one of this, but in white, and I love that. I don't like to have the same thing that everyone have.
    Just buy it you won't regret!
  • Coffee Mug Coarse Feel

    posted by jibbbyy

    Cool design, good quality
    The crack pattern is only one one face. The rest of the mug is cylindrical. Comes in a box and in plastic. There is probably a way to make it more smooth but you would have to do it yourself.
    Decent price, good mug. Personally, I would rather have the smooth, waxy feel to the outside of the mug rather than the coarse feeling.
  • spectacular cup

    posted by koteskote

    Beautiful ceramic cup with metal handle. is durable and very stylish. It is very liquid and has a very nice shape. I had no confidence that come whole, I thought it might come broken, but the contrary. has come in perfeco state. is very well protected and boxed cards, you can see in the pictures of the reviews. came very soon and in perfect condition.
  • Nice Looking Cup!

    posted by bambalero

    Looks great! and the color black is glossy, so it makes a perfect combination with the gun.It is a one piece construction.Has good capacity, a little more than you would expect, maybe 350 milliliters.
    I was afraid that maybe customs will ask me why to import a gun cup, but nothing happened, it is just a cup (and more likely broken when they saw it)
    Nice looking cup, but be aware that there is a high risk that it may break along the way - maybe a little would have been fine and I could have glued it, but it was broken in many pieces.

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