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cellphone battery Customers Reviews

  • good case for power bank

    posted by mauriciomotta

    Very compact e very cheap case for power banking. Dont came with 18650 batteries, you have to own one of it or buy together. Have a good desing, easy to use mount and dismount, come with cable. Have a LED to show when is charging or not.
    Charge with micro-usb connector and discharge using standart USB (you con plug any tipo of cable).I use it with 18650 batteries with capacity about 1500 mAh, and does not do a full charge on my cellphone. Only about 50% os battery is re-charged, i dont know why. I think it would charge about 90% or 80% but goes only at 50%. I tryed other batteries but the result is not much better.
    I think a good power bank is more usefull if holds 2x18650 batteries.
  • Worth the price

    posted by Acmer

    Easy to use, handy backup for longer periods away from sockets. Cables and connectors are good, battery itself is in a solid metal case and the package is nice. Battery doesn't heat up when charging.Size is small enough so it fits nicely under your phone and you can hold both of them in one hand.Some Android apps are real battery hogs, so this is a must backup if you are navigating for several hours or on a long bus trip. Great for geocaching as you won't run out of battery just when you are approaching a cache.
    Maybe rubber bands or something would be better for the cable/adapter side of the holding case. That way you could better organise them to fit in properly.
    Very much what I expected and the price is good for just that. Great backup battery but don't expect to charge several times (more than 2-3) or many devices from empty to full with this.
  • Really useful

    posted by Foobarbazqux

    The battery lasts a long time. I can now use my computer for a full day of courses at the university without problems.
    It comes with many adapters, so I know that if I buy another computer, I'll be able to use this battery with it too.
    It's lighter than I expected.
    The LEDs to check the battery load are really handy.
    Although the solar panels are more a toy than a useful feature for me, in some cases, travelling for example, it might be really handy.
    If you use often your computer and have often problems because you don't know if you'll have enough battery for doing what you have to, then you are in the case I was before I bought this external battery :-)
  • Just got mine

    posted by Dyvim

    Great price for battery and chargerThe battery says it is 1600 mA but I'm not expecting that much of a performance for this price.Easy to use and deploy.
    Everything related to HTC Desire HD is expensive everywhere else. I love DX! The price for accessories is amazing. Nothing that I've ordered was broken or damaged. All work great.
    Even the charger only itself deserves this much money. So, there is no need to wait.
  • Great all-around extra battery

    posted by tarantila

    Sleek design, well built and feels solid.User changeable cells, though cells with PCB will not fit in. They are too long for the cell slots.Cells are changeable without any tools, so you can pack several cells on the go and then change fresh cells in when earlier set depletes.
    Works with iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300) and Asus Google Nexus 7 very well, no problems there.
    Good product for the price, even cells included! Just don't stress it out with max output power and you'll have a good extra battery at hand.

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