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cell quadband Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by mmarcosta

    Compact and simple, supports MP3, touch screen, good sound volume and network sensitivity. The battery duration is perfect for this category. The touch screen has good sensitivity, can be handled with fingers or with styllus.
    IT would be better if the manufacturer makes OS updates available, replace some graphics and even work better the translations
    I bought this b/c i needed a mobile solution to be worn during my sports sessions. It's a good equipment, by this price, I'd improve better the quality of equipment adding some insulation to protect circuitry...
  • Ugly but does the job

    posted by ggcardoso

    - Good for a hidden record;- All functions seems to work fine.
    The OS is a generic used on other Chinese phones. It is not too intuitive. You can select the idiom, but english and portuguese are a little confusing.
    It is a fun toy, but cant replace a cellphone. You can use for listen mp3 too, but it will be a little ankward with headfones comin along your arm.
  • Good for its price

    posted by Goingup

    TV,MP3 player,Video
    Compatible with Nokia battery
    Can be charged via usb
    This is a good mobile phone according to it price. It has many functions, characterized by a very expensive phones. However, this phone also has significant shortcomings, which hinder the normal work.
  • Indian James Bond's gadget :)

    posted by Logined

    It's excellent tool for a busy traveller and for a persone with free thinking loving to surprise the surrounding people with their new crazy gadgets.Comes with the stylus wich I primarly thought was an anthenna, and recommended to use this way. Suitable for listening music while jogging, talking while driving etcetera, etcetera.Good colors for such a small display.It has real dialing buttins wich is very good for old-school people.Not as bulky as I-watch i have so it's suitable for dayly use.Stylish since you can change the picture of watches even every day)
    It looks like this is a perfect choise for those behind the wheel and for fashion lovers at the same time.For me it worked out.
    Hey,dawg, I heard you like gadgets.So we put a two-SIM mobile into your watch so you can call while you drive.

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