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cell phone mount

On this page, you can find a wide selection of cell phone mount. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Try browsing htc cell phones, bell cell phone. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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cell phone mount Customers Reviews

  • Excellent cell phone mount holder

    posted by AndrewRoffa

    - It has never fallen off my window during a drive.- It holds my phone on really thight.- It is very easy to use, only one button.- It is very compact.
    - Compared to TomTom window mounts, it might feel a bit cheap/unsturdy.
    An excellent cell phone mount holder with a great price. I would recommend this cell phone mount holder to any one.
  • Good mount for the phone.

    posted by 12alex129

    Suction cup is very well secured. Many different degrees of freedom, for any number plozheniya. Holder holds up well in a vertical position and in the number gorizontralnom polozhenii.Mozhno adjust the position up and down, sideways, or rotate vokruk under 180 degrees.
    If the little seal circle to rotate around its axis, the mount will be a little jerky, but by the end of vibration do not get rid of the lever without further from the place where the sucker is attached to the place where the pillow, which puts the phone.
    In general, the device is not bad
  • Well thought out, fair price

    posted by pvdven777

    This piece of equipment is in my opinion well designed. It can be moved in various positions and at various angles through joints. The suction cup so far holds the product firmly against the car windshield. Easily adjustable width. So far I'm liking it. It certainly did not dissapoint me.
    My unit had its foam pad slightly damaged. That didn't impact the use. The side grips seem a bit rubberry textures which makes it a bit hard to set the width grips real tight and still easily put your phone in. It is a matter of figuring out the best setting to suit your needs. The plus side is that whatever you put in this holder wont bounce out easily. Looks like it can hold some weight but I have yet only used it for my light Galaxy S phone. I wouldn't personally push it too much.
    If you do not want to spend a lot and still need a fairly decent solution to hold up you electronic gadgets then this is a decent deal.
  • Solid piece of hardware

    posted by LDawg

    Works as you except it to work. Phone is really held thight.It doesnt look as ridiculous on your bike as you might except.
    THe holder is very universal, so probably any phone fits. I use it for my Nokia Lumia 925.Nexus 7 doesn't fit though
    I use it to make my phone a navigation device. Allows me to see how fast I'm going. I can even plug my headphones in. I like this product!
  • Very good for its pourpose

    posted by lucasassis

    This holder is very useful. It can hold many different kinds of gadgets, such as phones, gps's, mini tv, etc. It can carry devices as big as a Samsung Galaxy S3. It is very compact, making it easy to be stored in any glove compartment. Also, its price is low. The suction cup is really good, it won't fall from your windshield. The swivel allows you to set you device in any position you want.
    A must-have, since it can hold many different devices.

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