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You'll find the best cell phone cases for you here. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. cell phone repeater or cell phone watch may offer more options for you. With your support, we can do better.
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cell phone cases Customers Reviews

  • Good

    posted by thegreatfalcon

    keeps the phone steadily in place and clips easily to a belt
    A bit too tight for my phone but does the job. I finally concluded that I wouldn't use it anyway because I just don't like to have something hanging from my side but it very comfortable for someone who likes things on his sides
    Cool thing I took it a bit too small for my phone but it's quite solid! Just beware that the corners are not covered and that a phone is more likely to fall on these
  • Good pouch

    posted by Semeng

    Good pouch and good quality for mobile phone, perfect size for iphone, not small case, good velcro, inside material very soft, not scratching yours device. Two mount for belt on the metall buttons, and size belt will be very wide
    Good quality, good size, not small :) good material
    Buy this item, If you want good pouch for iphone in style camo
  • Great Product! unless you want to pry open things.

    posted by Drakox

    the tool has a great finish, it works like a charm to manipulate cables and move flexes while servicing computers or cell phones.The pointy end is quite sharp!
    the product seems to be quite useful when used without applying too much force.
    As long as you use this tool to manipulate cables o r open the latches of ram memory modules you should be fine with it.if you try and apply too much force to open a phone/tablet/computer case with it you will break it you're better off using guitar picks for that.Still this is a great product and would recommend it to other fellow technicians!
  • Good for smart phones

    posted by bwalter

    Easy to use closure, clear plastic, compact size. Touch screen works fine through the plastic.
    Fits my mom's Nexus S and my Galaxy Nexus nicely. I was worried it might be a bit small since it looked like there wasn't much room to spare with an iPhone. Based on the dimensions I decided to give it a try and it fit nicely.
    Good waterproof bag with easy to operate closure that will fit most reasonably sized smart phones.
  • Pay attention on device size! For the rest, a great choice

    posted by lampuchina

    It really works, I've been listening music under the water - with iPod - for a while and not even a single drop inside.The Earphone has quite good performance.I even took pictures with my phone under the water (Galaxy S3)
    The material seems to be very good, well glued, firmly.I've tested on a pool and sea, diving few meters and none a single drop inside while still listening music from my iPod and taking pictures with my galaxy s3Not to swim!
    Galaxy S 3 doesn't fit to listen music, but it does to protect the device or even take pictures under the water.

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