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cell button batteries pack

You can find fashionable cell button batteries pack at a low price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

cell button batteries pack Customers Reviews

  • Excellent batteries - CR2032 3V Lithium Cell Button Battery

    posted by pordefault

    The price of these batteries at DX is very very cheap, much cheaper than in stores here in Argentina. The remote control of my alarm control, cases, uses these batteries so that is why I needed a few. The price of this item was the main reason why I chose to get this product here.
    I know that we are far.... but I wish you the free shipping is of better times to come to Argentina.
    buy with confidence. You will not regret. I really recommend
  • Good and cheap

    posted by kioan

    They are probably the best valued 396A button batteries! The price of the package with 10 batteries is only a fraction of the price they sell a single battery on the stores!
    I am not sure about the capacity (mAh) of this batteries, but at this price who cares! Even if they die too quick, I have a package of ten batteries at this low price!
    Good value! Buy them if you need them!
    They are the correct batteries for the classic Swatch watches.
  • Cheap battery pack.

    posted by vmendelis

    Good batteries comes in a nice pack so you don't loose it. All are working and the lifetime time is good. Price is vary low. where i live usually you can get just one for this price and here you have a 5 pack .
    Non really . There may be some that are a bit lower in the charge but i did not find such yet. Though for this price even if you had one per pack that is not working it would still be acceptable.
    Good pack , cheap price , in a nice pack. The pack could be better but that is not really a problem .
  • Cheap watch batteries

    posted by JohnnyDee

    Cheap, cheap, cheap. (and did they mention free shipping?)I can not even buy ONE for this price in Denmark. I have a lot of watches, and I keep a couple of these in store all the time.
    If you need batteries for your watch(es), buy ten of these, instead of the one at your local watch-shop.I used to waste my money there, but after also buying a cheap watch-opening tool here at DX, I safe money on my watches. Although I have no clue towards the lifespan of one of these, I believe that having a few extra batteries just in case is a big pro.
    A good solid buy, highly recommended.
  • Cheap, good envelope.

    posted by dfreijeiro

    Very cheap. A lot of pieces for that price. Great envelope. I can´t get more for less price.
    You get a lot of batteries for 1/10 of the price. The quality of the envelope is good. I don´t know the durability of these batteries yet. I´ve bought other gadgets here at DX, but this time the delivery took arround 2 months. My advice: buy it before you need it, here at DX.com.
    If you use several cells a year, buy it and you will not have headache in a long time.

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