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ceiling led 12

This is our best ceiling led 12, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. You can also browse 220v leds ceiling and 5w ceiling led. With your support, we can do better.
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ceiling led 12 Customers Reviews

  • Nice flood light

    posted by veryperson

    One lamp installed in the shower ceiling. This lamp is perfect because it is closed, unlike other ceiling lamps which have openings around the LEDs where water could splash and touch the wiring.
    Unlike the other reviewer, my unit came completely assembled, no need to screw the front plate and the heatsink was installed firmly.
    - Provides plenty of luminous flux: close to rating of 1080LM.
    - Provides even illumination across a wide area, not narrow angle.
    - Very close to "daylight", not too much blue tint.
    The price is high, but acceptable if it stands up to the daily use and lasts longer than other light sources.
    I might buy other ones like this, maybe the 9W model (SKU 70715) for applications were less lumens are needed.
  • Makes the sun look like a candle

    posted by Toinne1982

    - Very very bright. My GF was always complaining she couldn't find anything in her purse when she was in my car. now sh'll need sunscreen when turning on the light.- The design is very small. but that's a good thing because the dome light of my cart is very small. (hint cut a piece of paper to get an idea of the size.- The sticky part is nice and sticky.- The adapters are usefull
    - This is a very bright and very white light. Don't expect nice colors when you look at a picture under this light. It's like looking at TL lights of a production hall.
    Cheap, very bright, makes the sun look like a candle.
  • Works well in a Dodge Caravan

    posted by Belcat2

    - The big festoon plug fits well in the overhead light plug (44x10.5mm model 578 )
    - Very bright
    - Dimms like the original halogens
    - Brighter than the original halogen
    - Cool to the touch
    - Less power than the halogen version
    Buy it if you want to reduce your chances of killing your battery! If someone forgets a light on, or if you use the lights a lot (like when you're camping), you could find out your battery's dead the next morning.
    It also helps a tiny bit with fuel saving, since the alternator doesn't need to replace as much electrical power as it would with the halogen version.
  • Delivery time great.

    posted by 3nock

    Excellent product, price and quality, exceptional durability.I recommend to everyone is a great opportunity for anyone who is shopping for own consumption or for anyone who sells, price and exchange guarantee are what make this purchase a very pleasant experience.
    I was really happy with my purchase, price, speed of delivery, really congratulations!
    I will continue to buy because it is fast easy and secure.
  • Best spot

    posted by volsmd

    Great Light, Yellow light, probably 4000k as they say.I use over my desk (about one meter), works great, does not over heat. I have two, both working fine.Looks good, looks price.
    Great for DIY projects. I hang over the desk with 0,5 mm cables.It's almost plug N play.Not white light!Doesn't get hot.You can’t see the LEDs, if you look at it will see a yellow square.
    Good quality product, if I need will buy more. Not so focused, so great for my use, or placing in living rooms.Good for DIY projects.Yellow light.I’m changing all my house in to LED lights, why? Seems ecological (to me at least) because have a small consumption and looks good, looks fancy !

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