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cd dvd Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and useful

    posted by volongoto

    Not very expensive. And once installed it works as expected. Is a handy way to keep the frequently listened CDs in eye sight.
    It functions as it should. But it really looks cheap. Use of cardboard as 'backbone' is "interesting". If you decide to buy one, make sure to find one that matches with your car's sun shields.
    If I could find a better quality one I would happily pay 1-2 USD more.
  • Works for the price

    posted by Esiravegna

    Works for the price, portable, does exactly as its told. Nice finishing, the included accessories are ok.
    Reached 2.8x speed when burning a Blu Ray, slightly below the advertized, however, that could be more due to the USB 2.0 peak speed than the driver itself, however a little cache could work ok.
    For the price, it's a great buy indeed: works ok, no complaints so far, burns blu rays and dvds. The reading is fine also.
  • ok

    posted by Corey2011

    * Cheap as better than what it sells local
    * 2 Power Cables, so i dont need a long cable to the power point
    * Looks nice
    * Will come in handy and is portable for other pcs/laptops
    *you can use it in any country(someone asked would it work in a set country
    other than arriving broken its a good unit, works other than the bright laser i can see
    Buy it if you want a small compact unit
  • Not worth the plastic

    posted by Dallylama3

    It's a very cheap product and works well. Just have to put it in your radio and connect it! The plastic of the tape is of relative good quality(harder) so i guess the tape won't get damage in any way. The wire is long.
    A great idea, but very poorly made. If they had made a more expensive one with better build quality, it would have been perfect.
    Good for its money Nice to have when going on vacation in France. Radio stations keep switching on every mountain. whit this and my MP3 players it should be much better
  • Hedgehog CD/DVD case

    posted by Voronda

    A nice way to store cd's or dvd's. Holds 24 cd's/dvd's; the cd-leaves inside are in different pastel colors which I like because this way I can organize or color code them by subject/series (I'm such a dork). The hedgehog itself is soft and cute.
    Fun to take with you on a trip (24 cd's/dvd's would certainly be more than enough for me, but for some people that might not be enough).
    I liked this! I love semi-practical cute stuff so for me this is great!

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