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cctv set Customers Reviews

  • CCTV reciever

    posted by vranka

    same quality asi european sellers... you don`t see any differences to hi-end alternatives.the build quality is also the same as original parts.its not easy to give some more positive information, as it is only a hardware part.
    same quality asi european sellers... you don`t see any differences to hi-end alternatives
    I definitely reccomend this item, if you need to conect cctv camera via bnc conector, of if you are looking for some king of adaptor if you plan to send the video signal via RJ 45`s
  • Very nice set of 12M x 0.5 lenses

    posted by mennowo

    Great set of lenses, sturdy, comes with a cover for every lens.
    Note that these lenses come without any filter. This means they can see infrared. Using them with a modified PS3 camera (as I do) this means the colors in the image will be much distorted, unless you use a filter that lets through only visible light (these are very hard to find). It is also possible to see only IR light, using an IR pass filter, for example 850 nm filter. This works great with these lenses.
    Great product at a great price! Highly recommended.
  • Great lens and good value

    posted by thomasbogaard

    - Covers the whole censor. - Sharp center.- Great vallue.- Small lens.- With adapter.- With macro rings.
    Works great, I already had the 22mm lens. This one is also nice, less effect and more a normal lens. Covers the whole NEX censor. I do not use the macro rings they are quite a hassle to put on.
    Nice lens, sharp, smaal depth of field, good quality. Of course there are better lenses, but this is really nice and works great especially at this price.
  • Works In low Light Short rang optics

    posted by NzQwack

    Easy to put together comes in kit form Plugged in to a 9 volt stabilized bench supply and worked without problems. less than 9 volts stopped working - Good angle of view no distortion
    More technical specifications would be useful like ideal voltage range
    not brilliant but good for price

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