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On this page, you can find a wide selection of cctv fixed lens. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

cctv fixed lens Customers Reviews

  • Fits FI8910W & FI8909W Perfectly

    posted by azrifaizul

    Easily replaced my FI8910W and FI8909W lenses1.8mm vs 3.6mm - go figure, you can expect wide area of coverage for your surveillance camera.packaging is sturdy and rugged. lenses fully protected. i didn't expect it to arrive a week earlier which is great! maybe some luck :)
    Still waiting for the IR Cut Filter to kicks in - will monitor for the next 2 /3 weeks.
    Superb! for that price - it's worth it. My FOV really widen now.
  • Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm)

    posted by zvonmaxidrom

    Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm)This product is packed in bubble wrap bag.The lens itself is in a small bag.Excellent product.Made of metal, high quality.Attaching the sides of the dust cap.Good increases.There regulivanie field.This product came quickly in Russia, where a month!
    Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm).???.
    Replacement Fixed Iris Lens for CCTV Camera (16mm)Thank you all is well.I recommend everyone to buy this product!
  • Very nice set of 12M x 0.5 lenses

    posted by mennowo

    Great set of lenses, sturdy, comes with a cover for every lens.
    Note that these lenses come without any filter. This means they can see infrared. Using them with a modified PS3 camera (as I do) this means the colors in the image will be much distorted, unless you use a filter that lets through only visible light (these are very hard to find). It is also possible to see only IR light, using an IR pass filter, for example 850 nm filter. This works great with these lenses.
    Great product at a great price! Highly recommended.
  • Works great on a Foscam FI8904W

    posted by warpwar

    Works great in a Foscam FI8904W, gives it a nice wide angle view.It doesn't appear to cause a "fish eye" distortion either.
    unscrew the front glass cover, then unscrew the old lens, keep the spring and put it on the new lens, then thread it on, 4 to 4.5 turns in is about where the proper focus is.
    You are better off getting this rather than the set of 6 lenses, this is cheaper, wider angle, and you won't have a bunch of lenses laying around that you'll never use.
  • Nioe cheap wide angle lens.

    posted by selmo

    Clear crisp image
    wide angle view
    works in my foscam clone (12mm mount)
    comes with a lens cap (outward side only)
    Would like to see a wide angle lens like this with a wider f/stop for low light situations.
    Does what it's supposed to, very cheap.

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