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This is our best cctv dc power, they all share a great design and great prices. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Try browsing usb dc power, 24v dc power. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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cctv dc power Customers Reviews

  • Extension cable for camera, works ok

    posted by aquiestoyyo2

    From my own point of view, the pros are:
    + Depending on where you live it's not available but here it is.
    + If you want to use surveillance cameras, you will probably need one of these.
    * I know, it's a nonsense but... measure the distance you need. I've realized I needed the 10m cable instead of this 20m cable.
    * If you need it and don't find it near your home buy it. It's ok and works properly. It does the work and looks durable.
  • Very versatile plug for DIY projects or homemade repairs

    posted by algspd

    It is small and very versatile plug, you can use male and female together or separately for your projects or to repair a broken connector.
    I use it for 12V >1A and it does not get hot at all. No problem with them so far.If you use them with high currents, make sure it will be ok
    I recommend its usage for homemade projects or repairs. Very usefull.
  • Make various adapter with this

    posted by value412

    First, the intended use is for the security or webcam. The power point is not where your camera is, so you have to run the video cable together with the DC power line, and if you do not want to cut your adapter output, you use this.
    Build quality is good.
    Nowadays the auction site normally has better offer, for this, DX has a better deal.
    I am mainly using this as adapter to various type of connector. I got many 2 pin type of plug/jack from those power supplies, and I just screw the pins to this, and I can make all kind of adapters. This way, I don't my jack. And equipment that is not taking standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm shall have an adapter made.
    Value for money, and simply my nest of adapters and connectors.
  • Great for power distribution

    posted by Manumim

    It is a great way to duplicate a power source. According to DX description it is supposed to work with CCTV security cameras, but I bought to power guitar effects since connectors are the same size. I bought only one just to check and it is PERFECT. Build quality is very good.
    I bought only one just to check quality and real length. Now I will ask a few more to be able to have a daisy chain power cable that can have a customized number of connectors.
    They will provide a nice solution to power my pedal board in a flexible and customizable way.
  • Do what have to do

    posted by eph2

    - Great quality build- Nice finish with the RCA- Do everything what have to do.
    - The cable is long, but do not lose quality- I use this cable with a security camera and it will be at the sun/rain every time, so, I hope it keep good for some time, but I know it don't be 100% for the rest of my life. (lol)- Great quality build- Nice finish with the RCA- Do everything what have to do.
    - You can buy this cable blinded. It's good!- Great quality build- Nice finish with the RCA- Do everything what have to do.

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