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cctv camera Customers Reviews

  • very good

    posted by [email protected]

    The connectors are shielded with hard rubber and are well protected, is a cable for cameras with audio and video in great quality. His connections and connectors are good quality and do not lose your image quality due to the distance of 30 meters, its price is good compared to cables sold in Brazil.
    For the image to be perfect you need a good quality camera and a high resolution monitor, the image does not lose quality due to distance.
    Want to install a camera away and not want to lose the image quality? Buy this product!
  • Well!

    posted by opelevod

    Good camera. Depth of sharpness is from several tens centimeters to several meters. Quite good quality of the printed-circuit board and assembly. Has in a set all wires and sockets for connection.
    This camera was used instead of the failed regular camera in the external block of the video on-door speakerphone. It was very simply replaced because of precisely coinciding openings of fastening in the printed-circuit board.
    I recommend this product as independent video the device or as excellent replacement to the failed video cameras as a part of security systems or video on-door speakerphones
  • really powerful IR LED

    posted by FabaDefe

    very small, it is so thin and can be put anywhere. adaptable to a lot of camera models, powerful light, the sensor works well, good price for the quality. acceptable shipping.
    ideal for investigations of IR light, very cheap to experiment without spending much money
    inexpensive, acceptable quality, good shipping, recommended
  • It works for me

    posted by TechApprentice

    - Arrived intact
    - has a power plug connector
    - good amount of IR light
    - cheap
    I bought a baby monitor with night vision camera locally (The Netherlands) about 1,5 years ago. Unfortunatly it fell down a couple of times and the ir led where not working any more. I search DX for the board with matched the size of the defective board and then waited (15days in total).
    Removed the plastic connector and soldered the wires directly to the pins. Soldered the wires on the other end directly to the 12V contact on the PCB of the Camera.
    It Works!!! light is fine. I tested with objects maximum 2,5 meters away.
  • Meets my expectations

    posted by miniyou

    Works out of the box, very small and light. All eight IR diods work.
    The camera is shipped with an optional cable for connections of 12V, audio and video. The "hub" of the cable seems to contain a linear BEC (from 12 to 5 volts), so it gets a little warm if used. The focus of the camera is easily adjusted by turning the lens. The microphone gives some audio that at least seem roughly correct, didn't check thoroughly since I'm not really going to use it.
    For the price, a really good unit. I've only tested it so far, but it's everything I expected. Would order again if I needed another.

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