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Finding your favorite cctv camera zoom is easy in our product catagories. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Find more hot gadgets at ir cctv cameras and cctv camera board. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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cctv camera zoom Customers Reviews

  • Good lens

    posted by lukasandrysik

    -->Very good deal for its price, like 10times cheaper than here in local surveiellance shop
    -->Auto iris is moving depending on light (see my video)
    -->Auto iris is DC driven (also visible in my video)
    -->Excellent build quality, everything is smooth, lens are clean and coated with anti-reflexive coating like professional ones.
    Easy of use is bit tricky to say.... If you know what you are doing, it is totally easy :-)
    Good lens, definetly buy it if you need it
  • Nice M12 x 0.5 zoom lens

    posted by mennowo

    Lighting conditions are good, meaning that also when zoomed in, the iris remains wide enough for good images.Sturdy build, will last a long time when taken normal care of.Comes with a cap to protect the front lens.
    Note that this lens comes without any filter. This means it lets through infrared light and ultra violet light. For example, I used this lens with a modified PS3 eye camera (I put on a different lens mount ot be able to use other lenses than the factory one). Since in the PS3 eye camera the visible light filter is in the original lens, the image using this zoom lens will be different, unless correct with another filter. (However, it is very hard to find filters that only let through visible light, I ahve found none so far). On the upside, you can film IR light, and put for example an IR 850 nm filter to see only a small bandwidth.
    Great product, though using the two sliders to focus the lens takes getting used to. Considering the price, this is a great product to experiment with at no risk.
  • Solid CCTV lens

    posted by coreone

    OK build quality, metal screw, long cable, auto iris works as expected.
    Optics do not produce any noticeable distortions.
    Also tested on 1/2 sensor and the coverage is average (like most mid range lenses).
    Solid performed, but would be much better if it was f1.2!

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