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cctv camera lens Customers Reviews

  • Works OK

    posted by bhassett

    Good build quality. Includes daylight sensor to turn IR leds off during the day. Power input (12v, approx 100mA) is by a standard 2-pin connector (0.1 inch apart). The plastic cover of the connector can be pulled off to expose the two pins if you don't have exactly the right connector available. Unit was not damaged when I connected the power the wrong way round first time.
    Beam is narrow, approx 2 feet wide at a distance of 10 feet. The illumination range was less than 10 feet, so this is not suitable for long-distance illumination.
    Before buying, check if your camera can see the output from a TV remote control, this unit seems to be a very similar wavelength.
    Works as advertised. Most suitable for range less than 8-10 feet, so would be best for monitoring a doorway. I use mine to check my child stays in bed, and is perfect for this job.
  • It works for me

    posted by TechApprentice

    - Arrived intact
    - has a power plug connector
    - good amount of IR light
    - cheap
    I bought a baby monitor with night vision camera locally (The Netherlands) about 1,5 years ago. Unfortunatly it fell down a couple of times and the ir led where not working any more. I search DX for the board with matched the size of the defective board and then waited (15days in total).
    Removed the plastic connector and soldered the wires directly to the pins. Soldered the wires on the other end directly to the 12V contact on the PCB of the Camera.
    It Works!!! light is fine. I tested with objects maximum 2,5 meters away.
  • Good lense...requires mods on Apexis outside cams

    posted by jusv

    Quite nice image quality. Well built. Seems to be pretty good in low light also.
    Ok lens, you just have to mod the cam perhaps a bit to fit this into.
    Good image quality, well worth the mod needed to fit this into my cam.
  • Solid CCTV lens

    posted by coreone

    OK build quality, metal screw, long cable, auto iris works as expected.
    Optics do not produce any noticeable distortions.
    Also tested on 1/2 sensor and the coverage is average (like most mid range lenses).
    Solid performed, but would be much better if it was f1.2!
  • Nice M12 x 0.5 zoom lens

    posted by mennowo

    Lighting conditions are good, meaning that also when zoomed in, the iris remains wide enough for good images.Sturdy build, will last a long time when taken normal care of.Comes with a cap to protect the front lens.
    Note that this lens comes without any filter. This means it lets through infrared light and ultra violet light. For example, I used this lens with a modified PS3 eye camera (I put on a different lens mount ot be able to use other lenses than the factory one). Since in the PS3 eye camera the visible light filter is in the original lens, the image using this zoom lens will be different, unless correct with another filter. (However, it is very hard to find filters that only let through visible light, I ahve found none so far). On the upside, you can film IR light, and put for example an IR 850 nm filter to see only a small bandwidth.
    Great product, though using the two sliders to focus the lens takes getting used to. Considering the price, this is a great product to experiment with at no risk.


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