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cat.6 rj-45 ultra flat lan network cable

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase cat.6 rj-45 ultra flat lan network cable here and you can save money at the same time. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

cat.6 rj-45 ultra flat lan network cable Customers Reviews

  • Great little cable

    posted by Auctionari

    It's light, well built, excelent RJ-45 jacks, offer high speed (better than cat-5). I've been using one from modem to router, one from router to desktop. I'm very pleased with its performance. And it's cute :)
    The packaging deserves a positive note. It came from China, arrived after 30 days, and yet it looked as it was posted in my own neighborhood the day before.
    I recommend the shop and the product.
  • Best Cable

    posted by tz2026

    No-snags work but you can also remove the connector from the jack without pliers.Flat and very flexible. Easy to move.Cable is recognized as 1000Mbps!!!
    Just get these in their various lengths, especially with the bulkrate discount. They work at 1Gb. Being thin and flexible, they are easily routed around the connector. And they are half the cost of the standard cables. They just work, and work well.
    I will be recycling the other stiff and hard to use cables.
  • Good product

    posted by beststorm

    Its good to be placed in the floor or below rugs. I got really impressed on how thin it is. Its thinner than those sata cables, almost half height. Its very malleable and light.
    You still have to know that the cables arent the most important thing in network speed. You can get real fast speeds even with not so good cables. Remember to look to your network adapter and hub/switch/router too.
    I'm satisfied. I bought them cause i tought they were cheapest than any cable i could find here. I wish i had bought the 3M version, cause 5M is more than i expected. I bought also a 1M version and its pefect to carry in my pocket or netbook bag cause its very thin and light.
  • Great gigabit-capable cable

    posted by mangrove

    Very good cable for the price conscious. It functions perfectly with gigabit speeds, even when packed back-to-back -- I bought two, to get them into a cable channel where only one normal cable would fit. This functioned perfectly and I can now have two gigabit links (or split them and get 2x100 per cable) where only one was possible, giving me many more options in hiding away equipment in my apartment.
    People in the forums keep stating that it's not gigabit capable. Well, it is. Certainly a shielded more expensive CAT6 might give even better signal, but that's not the pint, is it? The point is size and price and this cable delivers.
    I have no regrets and will likely buy more of these.
  • Great LAN cable

    posted by tinymouse

    Works like a normal "phat" LAN cable but takes less space because of its flat design. It looks really great next to the wall.
    I haven't bought a LAN cable in ages because I've been using WiFi, but my current modem is so crappy that I decided to buy a cable to stay wired while I'm at home. I really like the flat design compared to the old-fashioned cables. Of course there is no problem whatsoever with the speed.
    A very cheap LAN cable with a great design. Just make sure it's long enough for your needs.

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