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cat.6 network cable

These cool cat.6 network cable are high quality and at affordable prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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cat.6 network cable Customers Reviews

  • So Thin!

    posted by dunker

    It's so incredibly thin!It's cheaper than ordinary network cable in SwedenIt's cat 6It works in full speed'sIt feels durable
    I bought it to hide it behind my skirting board..My thought was that a regular cable would not fit behind it.. so I bought this..When it arrived I was making my self ready to start taking down my skirting boards.. and realized that the cable was thin enough to just be slipped under it.. 1-2 hours of work was done in 5-10 minutes because of that
    It made me so happy..Life is good againBuy it
  • Just what a student needs. Perfect!

    posted by requiem420

    >> Easy to use, just insert into a port and the other side into a laptop and you are good to go!>> Fast! Didn't expect it since the wire width is only 1.35mm but I reached download speeds upto 50Mbps!>> Easy to pack away since its rectangular, just wrap it around your hand and that's it.
    >> Since this is only 1 metre, use it for normal usage such as going to a public library to connect it to a nearby port.>> Packaging is very nice, was not expecting a package this detailed and reusable!
    >> Good for anyone who needs a replacement network cable or even a new one>> Easy to use>> Will highly recommend it to my fellow mates
  • Good product

    posted by beststorm

    Its good to be placed in the floor or below rugs. I got really impressed on how thin it is. Its thinner than those sata cables, almost half height. Its very malleable and light.
    You still have to know that the cables arent the most important thing in network speed. You can get real fast speeds even with not so good cables. Remember to look to your network adapter and hub/switch/router too.
    I'm satisfied. I bought them cause i tought they were cheapest than any cable i could find here. I wish i had bought the 3M version, cause 5M is more than i expected. I bought also a 1M version and its pefect to carry in my pocket or netbook bag cause its very thin and light.
  • Best lan cable I have ever had!

    posted by fatefulbr

    Really thin!Good cable, no problems at all.Really good size, useful if you like to move things around sometimes.
    If you're looking into it, you're the kind of person that simply "rather not go WIFI", if you're a gamer or hardcore computer user you know that WIFI is good only for smartphones and casual surfing the web!So if speed and stability is essencial for your connection, go for it!
    Awesome product, really! Does the job perfectly, while being hardly noticeable!
  • Good but not great

    posted by fernandokreutz

    It actually do work at 1 gigabit, as some question how it would, since is a flat cable instead of a normal bulky twisted pair one.Once i plugged it it, it worked fine a 1 gbps, BUT, as soon as i twisted it to make it smaller, it went back to 100 mbps. But that is ok for me, since it is very easy to manipulate and hide.
    As it is possible to see in the pictures, it is twisted pair on the inside, but, i'll not make a teardown, so, no way to know how it actually is.
    It's a good pice of wire. I do recommend if you'll plug your pc or mac on the wall. It is very flexible, so, It'll fit great for organized offices.

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