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  • 2 Gun tattoo kit

    posted by Vanish

    -price, cheap enough to buy if you just want to give it a try.
    -full kit, everything you need to get started
    Comes with 50 pre made sterelized tattoo needles exp date 2013:
    09m1*5 07m1*5 05m1*5
    09RS*5 07RS*5 05RS*10
    07RL*5 01RL*10
    (M1-Single Magnum, RS-Round Shader, RL-Round Liner.)
    1Shipping thought: I needed it shipped to The Netherlands, it arrived at customs on 12-07 but due to DX, not shipping parcels with an invoice, it took me 14 more days, and 28 euros tax and customs clearance to get it trough customs and delivered to me. Butt i think it's still worth it.(maybe you can ask dx to put an invoice on the outside of your parcel for quick customs clearance You'll still have to pay the vat and customs clearance but it might just knock a couple of days off delivery.)
    Good starterskit for people who just want to mess around and try to get some artwork out of these needles at a low price.
    Overall very pleased with purschase.
  • Protects well, very worthy bundled pack

    posted by feiru

    Silicone case gives much better protection than plastic, due to its softer and more shock absorbant nature. I dropped my iPhone5 once, and thanks to this casing, nothing happened to the phone. The case protects all the edges and corners, no exposed areas except for the front glass panel, which is also protected by the film. If you for protection, this will be it. The waterproof pouch is very useful for use in sports (put into it before placing into my running pouch). Overall a good buy.
    I personally like the better protection offered by silicone material, but dislike its extra dimension which makes the phone more bulky. Unfortunately cannot find a balance between the two.
    Overall a very good buy, for people who want protection for their iPhone5. Aesthetic wise, due to silicone material, it is a little bulky and does not give justice to the new sleek looking iPhone though.
  • Nice replacement for a worn out/damaged controller casing

    posted by Smapsa

    Undamaged, solid color, all the buttons and replacement plastic parts, white joysticks and D-pad, only non-white parts are the ABXY buttons and the guide button. Nice replacement for a damaged/worn out controller casing for your Xbox 360 wireless controller. The battery casing fits perfectly, tight fit.
    I got white, blue and pink casings and mixed them together. Not sure if it was because of that that I had to use Dremel to carve some of the buttons. In detail what I did: the D-pad inner part I had to carve the inner side of the large circle to fit it better and also the square with rounded corners had to be modified, ABXY/start/select buttons some of the little nibs coming out of them had to be carved, and lastly I did some grinding for the sync button to make its diameter smaller. The sync button also has to be glued so that it will work correctly.
    If you're not afraid to do some little modifications for some of the parts, this is for you. Otherwise think carefully, because some of the parts might be too tight to fit without some grinding and carving. All in all, I'm a very pleased customer and very pleased about getting the right colored plastic parts like in the pictures.

    posted by Logan82458

    This case is great, it doesnt scratch, it protects my phone, its light, i love it.
    its my favorite case i have so far. i would make this case in more colors for more options, thats all i would change other then that, its great
    the case is great, i recomend it to anyone who wants a nice case that will protect your iphone, it fits great on both the iphone 4 and the 4s. i will use this case every day
  • Very good product

    posted by spannenberg

    Very nice and beautiful brushes, with sizes distributed perfectly for all make up needs. Has little plastic protections on some brushes for a longer duration. Smooth and strong. The PU case is very beautiful and cames with all the necessary spots for every brush, helpping kepp things organized easily.
    Could get plastic protections on all brushes.Could get plastic protections on all brushes.
    Very nice, beautiful and good product. Must buy


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