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case nds lite Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by Steveen

    -Holds all DS game cards
    -See through
    -Holds games well enough that they don't fall out
    -Games are displayed like pages, case pages are back to back
    -Case is tight closing, will not open when dropped
    -Square shaped
    Does job well, There is a thin large area square indent on the front and back of the case, maybe you could put a square sticker?
    Get it if you need to put a case for all your games. Or if you want to store your games somewhere, it's square shaped.
  • For people with a ton of DS cartridges

    posted by Sakokuruto

    Holds a TON of games (16!!!). Doesn't hold the games so tightly that you have to wrestle it out, but holds it just firmly enough so that the games don't fall out. Doesn't look like it's going to break any time soon (unless you purposely want to of course). Perfect if you have a lot of games, and you just want to keep them all in one place. Not too bulky either.
    When I got my DSi, I wasn't planning to get so many games. As it turns out, I just found a lot of great games that I just got to own. I already have 2 cases that are about half the size of this and they hold 8 total, which doesn't work for me anymore. Now I'm going to use those two as back up cases just in case I ever get MORE than 16 games.
    A lot cheaper than what you would find at GAMESTOP or other places. Just go ahead and get it. You never know, you just might collect a ton of cartridges like me overtime.
  • Cardridge cases for ds

    posted by tiddles

    These cases for ds games are good. My friend kids loved them. They were nice colours.They are good because you can fit 6 games each in a box.so at least you can take a box of games on your travels if you go places.
    These are a good price. Ok if you have more than 2 children. With ds .as you know they always loose the games.at least they gave got these to put them in.
    Mint item . Great price my friends and family like them.especially if you have a few ds in the house.
  • Fantastic Item! Buy Now!

    posted by georgia

    I'm really impressed with this item. It is an excellent item. Easy to install on your Nintendo DS Lite. 100% Protect your Nintendo DS Lite. Prevents scratches on your cover and be retained as the first day. You can choose multiple colors. The materials that are made, are superb. Cheap, cheap, cheap. It's really fantastic, like all of Dealextreme!! Thank you! I can not say anything more about this article. Only if you want to protect your Nintendo DS Lite, buy it now!!!
    Excellent quality - price. Buy it now. You wont be disappointed.
    Nothing. It's wonderful.
  • Excellent for preventing scratches.

    posted by option.iv

    The strength of the plastic is more than enough that it will prevent scratches. However it is far from making the DSL bulky. The smoke gray color is very nice, even on white DSLs. There is easy access to everything on the DSL as well when the case is applied.
    Those cons are extremely minute. It's definitely got more going for it.
    This is an extremely great deal for a protective case. It'll prevent scratches to any broad/flat part of the DSL. For under $5 I would definitely jump on this. This is probably my favorite DSL protective case. Highly Recommended.

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