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carry strap Customers Reviews

  • Superb+

    posted by JudithJ

    -Looks pretty sweet -Good price-Build quality is very good-3DS fits in just fine, and so do 3DS games (although the pockets were made for DS game)-DSL and DSi (NOT XL) fit in perfectly too
    I'm guessing this was produced a long time ago, before they announced the 3DS cartridges will have a little notch on the top. Still, 3DS games fit with a little bit of effort. The design is pretty good - if you have any other stuff you want to put in the case (like earphones), then they won't scratch the top half of the shell.
    Bought this one and the blue one, and this one (red one) looks much nicer, but if you have a blue 3DS then it won't really match the colour, so buy this one only if you have a black 3DS.They both look much better in real life, believe me. Great for travelling and carrying around with you, and just protecting your 3DS from dust.
  • Nice

    posted by P4C0099

    The googles meet the promised, the googles are very aesthetic and easy to use. googles are very comfortable and easy to adjust, I didn't have problems on the water and the googles always remained visible, anti-fog works well, Silicone gasket and strap thats really confortable.
    I tried them and really work great, I'm very happy with the product.
    100% recommended I will buy another one in the future. They are worth the price, and they work. That's whats it all about.
  • Good binoculars

    posted by nrh2005

    - it's light- it's very portable- the optics are fine- it comes with an soft, black case and a black strap- my unit came in white, plastic body with black finish- the lens are not reddish- there are marks '- 0 +' on body to help to adjust the dioptrics
    It can be an good gift to yourself or another person.
    It's worth for the price, portability and quality of image.
  • Good protection for your NEX C3 camera

    posted by Aleco2k

    Fits well on my Sony NEX C3 camera. The cover has 2 separate pieces. One covers back, bottom and front of the body. Second attaches to first and covers screen, top, lens and bottom.
    Most of the time I just use body part of this cover. It gives camera some protection against accidental bumps, but not make the whole package too large. Front piece covers kit lens (1855) nicely. with pancake (16) lots of space will be wasted and telephoto (55210) will not fit at all.
    Overall - it is useful addition to my NEX C3 accessories set. If I loose it - I'll purchase it once again.
  • white

    posted by mboy32

    really cheap
    works on lots of things like a gba ds psp
    matches my white ds
    its a little bit hard to get the string through the whole but its still pretty easy yo put on but it was designed for the wii
    well it did not have any pakaging it was like a plastic sheet
    buy it its a good wrist strap for anything

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