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  • Cool Swimming Goggle Glasses

    posted by danybunny

    A qualidade é boa. A caixinha para guardar o óculos é muito legal. A cor da lente é linda, um azul bem clarinho da cor da piscina, e vem protegida por adesivos. A caixa veio muito bem embalada e protegida.
    Seria bom se eu tivesse podido usar alguma vez! Mas pelo preço ele superou minhas expectativas!!!!
    Não compraria novamente para não correr o risco de quebrar denovo!
  • Similarity and amazing quality!

    posted by RafaGarcia2012

    The quality, material and workmanship are amazing, looks like a real piece of camera, does not lack anything. The product came well packaged, and lens cap shines like a real lens. Very good!
    The difference in value of the product in Dx for the product here in Brazil is absurd, not to mention the quality of the product. The Dx supreendendo me as always is the quality and accessibility. Thanks again for the product and the possibility to buy with you. Won a new fan! Can buy without fear!
    Congratulations for all Dx, by contact, by respect for me, the speed of delivery, the product quality and respect for the consumer. The product is beautiful and looks like a real camera person, without letting doubts or reliability. Thank you in advance and wait for more shopping!
  • Unique macro lens

    posted by nrh2005

    It's a very interesting, unique lens. I never saw one like this in any other place than dx.com . Macro effect is usually obtained with close-up lens in tradtional increases of +1, +2, +4. To get a +10 lens like this is fabulous.
    Fortunately I have one 77 mm lens to fit this macro-effect 10x lens.
    Despite of the technical problems of the construction of the lens, it's worth if you have or intend to have some 77mm lens to fit this macro lens.
  • Nice pair of glasses, for a small head

    posted by kallepee

    The build seems veru sturdy and well built. No loose connections. The level of shade is ok.
    Could buy for my kids. No guarantines about the uv protection though..
    If you need a pair of sunglasses that cover a big area, buy these if you don't have a huge head.
  • Great AA light.

    posted by astros50

    Super bright light for a AA battery.
    It's well built.
    Serves as a both a flood and focused light.
    It's cheap.
    It comes with a clip (man!, I wish more dx lights had a clip instead of a lanyard).
    Nice strike bezel.
    I love this light. I have a lot of great DX lights, but this has become one of my favorites. I liked it do much, that I bought 2 to give to my friends.
    Best sub $10 light you'll find.

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