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care massager Customers Reviews

  • to small for my big nose

    posted by grumete

    Even I couldn´t test it properly because the size of the nose bridge, I can notice that would be very usefull for tired eyes.
    if the sizes and design are improved could be better.
    The idea is great, has some different vibration types which are massaging around the eyes with the "fingers".
    The plastic transparent sunglasses are a nice idea for claustrophobic people which could see if they open the eyes in any moment of the massage
  • Not impressive

    posted by MartinDS

    - Easy to use- Build quality is ok- Came in a nice package- Has a variety of different programs- Also great for head massage
    I might not be using it correctly, but when i wear it for about a minute or two, it kind of hurts because its pressing between my eyes..Also I thought it would be like a wondful massage, but it basically just vibrates, and feels weird. Other than this, its a good product for a good price, and it comes in a nice box with an instruction manual.
    If you're looking to buy an eye massager, I can definitely recommend this. If you're like me, and just thought it looked cool, please reconsider.
  • Two-thumbs up

    posted by Chuming116

    Even though this is an imitation, I find it pretty neat. It is pretty relaxing and it is a good thing to have when you want to take a break from office works at home. Also, the quality of the product is surprisly good.
    It must be cleaned regularly or have a tissus cover your eyes when using it.
    It feels pretty good after using this product. Cheap product so it was worth a shot.
  • excellent product for your hands and foots

    posted by flakwark

    great product. when i received i didnt realized that is for hands and foots. now i used it and is very helpfully . i really like it
    greatfully i really like it. when i purchased i thought that it was for the face because that is the tittle of the product, but when i received it, it was for hands and foots. i wass a little upset about it. but now i really like it
    good one

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