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  • Perfect phone for nice price.

    posted by snempaaaa

    I love this little phone. It is very very compact, has a normal usable menu (another phone of DX has this crapy homebrew buggy half-copied menu), with most needed functions ordered in a user friendly way. You can compare it to a standard cellphone from 10years ago. I have done a little standby test and got around 3 days out of this unit, with about 20mins call per day and writing 20 text messages per day. Pretty OK I would say.
    When you are from NL, definitely buy the orange version!Is branded as AIEK mini-M1.When first opened, don't forget to physically power it on by switching the button on the bottom of the phone with the 'card pick tool'.
    Perfect travel companion for the local simcard you buy! I'll definitely buy 1 or 2 of these devices more as a backup at home.
  • Perfect cards for begginers' security system

    posted by pcmihnea

    In addition to the SKU174455 ID-card reader, you have a PC-controlled user authentication solution (you just need the appropriate software, or make your own!). The price is right; the cards come in a transparent 5-card cover. The cards themselves aren't blank, they're just factory set to the code numerical code printed on them, so read-only operation.
    It's a bit hard to print directly on them, but you could just write with a permanent/CD marker (although it would look that professional, but it's easier and cheaper).
    Have a ID-card reader than operates with 125KHz cards? Then this will suit your needs!
  • very nice

    posted by yalchinosis

    Very thin and incredibly nice product. You can place it to you wallet. It magnifies good and clear but I'm not if it is 5x or not. You can read little fonts of books with this easily, observe beetles or flowers or you can lit a fire via focusing sun light to flammable material like paper or wood.
    Good product, you can add it to your survival kit.
    If you don't have one, I suggest you to buy one.
  • A good quality money clip

    posted by Darkblade48

    A great product for those that want to travel light. The product is very lightweight and small, but does what it is supposed to do (namely, keep loose bills together in a neat bundle). This is especially useful for those that don't like the bulk of carrying a large wallet around.
    The mirror like finish of the stainless steel clip also manages to act as a mirror, so if you are ever in need of one...
    A good product for the price; small and unobtrusive.
    Get this product if you like to travel light, and/or just do not like wallets!
  • Mkae what is expected

    posted by cyriusbe

    Easy to use, do what is expected.
    When used in its normal config, hd led is still visible by built in features.
    I have added an usb cable to connect it so i can have the hub and sd card reader not in the ps3 itself.
    So with aside ps3 hub i can have connection in front of tv and ps3 on a side. Plus i do not lost the second USB.
    There is a connection for an external DC convertor, still searching for one with the correct plug.
    I have now ordered sku.82769 beacuase i have a move stuff, hopefully this one comes with older AND ac/dc convertor so it can charge the controller by itself without draining from ps3 but with the ps3 connected. Waiting this one

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