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card reader 2.0

These cool card reader 2.0 are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers can also browse xd card reader or media card reader to find their desired products. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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card reader 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Easy to use, plug and play even under Android

    posted by dracnegre66

    Great reader, you can read and copy from a Android tablet or mobile phone, and paste it to a pc through a SD card (or another type accepted, I always using a SD card)Also, you can copy to the other way.
    It's easy to use, plug and play on Windows and even under Android systems. You don't need to purchase these expensive pendrives with one USB in and antoher microUSB in, you can use your old SD (or TF, but I don't use these) cards to copy your files from your PC to your phone or tablet.
    Easy to use.
  • Interesting device

    posted by Cigaras

    It is bigger than I imagined, but still quite compact, durable metallic case gives some additional weight, but it is quite lite as for a key-chain also.
    Cable itself looks weak, but I have it for a couple of months and everything works fine.
    It looks odd, definetly could be better designed, but metallic case is durable and the cable does the job, worth the price in my opinion, just don't think I like it attached to my keys because of its bulkiness.
  • ok for the price

    posted by fs111

    The device is very usefull to read cards and connect usb devices. It has a good price to what it returns to the user.It is working fine until now, specially reading SD-cards and usb devices.
    I has not open it yet to see the internal circuit board as it is working fine.To make it work, just plug it to the mainboard usb entrance.I'm using it with windows XP sucessfully, i haven't test it with Linux or Windows 7 yet.
    As it costs little, it has a good cost benefit.
  • Compact, accepts large capacity cards

    posted by Festus

    Small, inexpensive, handles high capacity cards and uncomplicated by numerous card slots.
    Small, so easy to carry when travelling and it's necessary to swap files from camera or phone SD/MicroSD card to some other device.Older card readers may not work with now more common high capacity cards - this one reads up to 64GB.
    Inexpensive, small and very handy when reading larger capacity cards.
  • Extremely fast, extremely cheap, extremely small

    posted by Pawelsky

    * Smallest reader I've seen so far
    * Extremely good transfer rates - W: 15.1 MByte/s, R: 18.5 MByte/s (measured with h2testw v1.4 On 8 GB Sandisk Class 6 MicroSD HC card)
    * Supports 8 GB MicroSD HC cards
    * Very cheap
    If I need another MicroSD card reader - I'll buy this one without hesitation.

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