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card play set Customers Reviews

  • Party Magic Tricks Training Set - Ultra Thin Playi

    posted by ZeroQI

    Very slim cards, so heavily plastified i thought they could be entirely made of plastic, which is a good thing.
    Can backhand palm much more cards and project pretty well, while staying elastic enough to return to the previous shape
    As a black mid card base wasn't used, as a result, they are transparent to fairly direct sun light, accentuated by the absence of motives on the back...
    You can actually read the card clearly which is a good added bonus for me :D
    You need that to try backhand palming by quite a few cards, and is 40% slimmer than a bicycle deck i would say, and for that price you can't go wrong...
  • Very good cards

    posted by alexkeuano

    Very cheap
    Unusual form
    Beatiful pictures
    Gives light in dark
    Fine cards for a very fair price. Were bought as a present to my friend. He is very glad!
    We now play poker, twenty one and other card games almost every evening. He wins almost all the time though.
    Recommended if you would like to please someone or to present him or her with a great surprise.
  • Beautiful Item

    posted by BarefootRat

    Those cards are very beautiful, each image is original, with high artistic value.Each card is it's own piece of art.Made of thick paper, so they are suitable as playing cards and as collectible.
    I really enjoy looking at those cards. They are very unique, I've never seen something like this before.Suitable as a great and unique gift for card collectors or Japanese art fans.
    Beautiful cards. Great as a collectible item for those who like Japanese art and Ukiyu-e.

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