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  • Works with arduino

    posted by frollard

    stands vertical in breadboardstrong pinsgood click in click out type connector for cardpower led when 3v3 appliedpinouts clearly labeled for sdio and spi mode. I've only used SPI mode
    I needed an sd card reader for my arduino project and this worked out of the box, just connect MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS, and you're set. I have no idea if SDIO works because arduino isn't powerful enough to care about high speed data transfer
    if you need one get one - be prepared for your arduino to fry your sd card unless you do something about the voltage levels.
  • Easy to Use RFID

    posted by arnoldsen

    Very easy to use.Sends a string with frames, CS and the TAG number in plain 9600 Baud serial format.Plain and simple.Interfaces very well with all microcontrollers operating at 5V (haven't tested at 3.3V).The framing characters 0x02 for start and 0x03 are easy to detect, and will never be a part of the TAG-number or CS, because it is ASCII coded.Reading from the module is simply done by waiting for 0x02 - receive 12 characters - if the next is 0x03, then a full TAG number is received.
    Plug in the moduleSet up serial portRead the tagnumber, when it is presentedNo Problem
    Good value for money module.
  • Excellent

    posted by Olivv

    Great card. Works out of the box for mp3 and radio. Sound quality is good enough for lot of projects.
    I thought I could hack it for integration in another project. The radio chip is commanded by I2C so it was easy, but the “main” chip is not known anywhere on the internet.Buttons are made to be integrated inside a case, quite difficult to press but I cut the PCB to connect others.
    At this price experimentations are easy.If you want to switch radio/mp3 just press and hold center button
  • Good product

    posted by albertillo91

    Very good product, it works fine. It has bluetooth, line in, usb, sd, fm. In my opinion very good product. It works perfectly on my car, with an aplifier sounds very well. The sound is stereo. The small size makes it easy to mount anywhere.
    Dx could sell also the connectors to make easier the installation.The connectors are written on the board, but DX have uploaded a pair of photos where you can check it.
  • simple mp3 player without enclosure

    posted by trainer111

    The price is very nice. The controls are easily accessible from the bottom side of the player. Once turned on after inserting a preloaded sd card with mp3 tunes it starts playing. The quality of the sound is standard mp3 quality. The LIion batteri can be charged from the USB connection.
    This player can be used for lots of DYI projects.
    A nice buy, acceptable price for home projects.


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