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  • When you need local storage

    posted by kirovclass

    Simple daughterboard that can help you to provide your Arduino project with a local non-volatile storage.PCB design seems very clean, nothing to complain about it.
    An improvement could be to ship it with an optional connector that allows it to mount the board horizontally.
    There are no much choices when there is a need to store data locally on a Arduino project, and for the little price, it's good to have one of these in the toolbox.
  • Awesome SD-Card Reader for e-crafts

    posted by david.vinazza

    It is small and very easy to use in your electronic crafts, with any arduino or attiny based project.
    Here's a tutorial that might come in handy: http://www.ladyada.net/products/microsd/Always save your schematics and bookmark useful sites. That way you don't have to spend much time when engaging a new project.
    This very nice reader will help you give your projects a more pro interface for reading and writing data. Making your crafts
  • Works perfectly with Arduino UNO

    posted by fbaptiste

    Seems well built, and the price is really good.This unit takes a standard size SD card (not micro).Just a few connections (3.3V and 5V both required) and it works out of the box with the standard Arduino SD library. Perfect module for data logging applications.
    The SD card holder is spring loaded, so you push the card in, then push in again to release it. Seems to hold the SD card quite securely and it's nice to see the spring loaded mechanism unlike some others that use a friction based mechanism.Makes the fit seem more secure.Blue board color fits well aesthetically with the Arduino UNO.
    Works perfectly using the standard Arduino SD library and is a great value. Don't hesitate on this one...
  • Glad I finally found this

    posted by charlpic

    Very great pricing. The only SDHC -> microSDHC adapter I was able to find at a decent price.
    It was either this item or I had to replace my 8 SDHC cards to microSDHC with adapters. I don't care about it's look.
    While it certainly have its flaws, this item is really a great addition. It does what I bought it for and at this price, I'm putting another one on my next order to have a backup if the first one ever fails.
  • SD Card Reading Module

    posted by anrusal

    Is easy to use, has a good size, good quality of materials and has all the hardware required to connect a sd memory card to your microcontroller and begin to play.
    Please change the name of ports MISO to MOSI and MOSI to MISO, is confusing for the people when you have to connect something and the connections names are wrong.

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