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You can easily find the latest low priced card micro class 10 offered at our online shop. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Customers can also browse memory card micro class 10 or micro card class 10 32gb to find their desired products. With your support, we can do better.
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  • Good Product, Good delivery! Good Seller!

    posted by ojesussp

    Sandisk original Product. Waterproof. Very fast R/W Speed. Excelent Quality. The delivery to Brazil was fast(15 days). I tested this product in my PC and in my Cellphone. In these cases, I can say: This memory is very fast.
    Recommended. it's very important to say, that I am new in the DX. So, I was searching any product that have been a review, to me know any information about shipment. I conclude that because of this result, I am so happy to buy other products in the DX.
  • microSD Card with USB Reader

    posted by jbosacek@centrum.cz

    It is good idea to sell reader and SD card together. It is better then only card and standard microSD/SD adapter.Great color for my tablet cover. :)A-Data is standard in memory product, so qvality is excelent.
    I can recomend this for everyone who needs card and has full drawer of standard microSD -SD adapters. There is only one issue, it is only car reader it is not usable for writing/delete.
  • Very fast read speed

    posted by pko66

    This roomy (32GB) microSDHC card is very fast, amply surpassing the Class 10 speed requirements. Its read speed is even higher than advertised!. Also, the pack includes a convenient microSD -> SD adapter.
    To fully enjoy the speed of this card you need a capable adapter (SDHC UHS compatible). I used a USB3 reader with the needed capabilities and these were the results using H2testw v1.4:Test finished without errors.Writing speed: 17.8 MByte/sReading speed: 66.0 MByte/sAdvertised speed was 20MByte/s write, 48MByte/s read, so these are very good real-life measurements.
    Not particular for this card, but all storage manufacturers cheat us with the *real* capacity, using KBs and MBs that are not multiples of 1024 as they should but of 1000. So, the FAT32 formatted capacity of this card is not 32GB but 29.2GB (31,425,855,488 bytes). It is the same with all brands, so nothing special to complain to DX or Samsung.
  • Good product, nice price.

    posted by Hydraulics

    English:- True class 10 flash card (depending on your phone, performance may differ).- Could be cheaper, but still has a nice cost / benefit rate.- Comes in a nice original package with good protection from shipping accidents.- Seens reliable. No corrupt data till now.Português:- Cartão flash de classe 10 real (dependendo do seu telefone a performance pode variar)- Poderia ser mais barato. Mesmo assim tem um bom custo x benefício.- Vem na embalagem original, o que protege contra acidentes durante o transporte.- Parece ser confiável. Até agora nenhum problema com dados corrompidos.
    English:I've tested this card in two celular phones. A Galaxy 5 (i5500) and a Galaxy S2 (i9100). On the first phone this flash was not able to perform as a class 10, more like a Class 8. Using it on the galaxy S2 it outperformed a standard class 10. So I guess the final result will depend on your phone.Portuguese:Testei esse cartão em dois celulares. Um galaxy 5 e um Galaxy S2. No primeiro não consegui obter a performance esperada de um cartão classe 10. No Galaxy S2 consegui uma taxa de escrita e leitura maior que a padrão de classe 10, só algo como um classe 8. Acredito que o resultado dependerá muito do celular em que seja usado.
    English:Worth the price. I recommend.Portugues:Vale o preço. Eu recomendo.
  • Good card, buy it if you need it.

    posted by alvarogmj

    Fast card, good capacity for a MicroSD.Being a brand card gives me more confidence that it will perform well.
    At first it seems to be a little expensive, but if you compare not only capacity but also speed, you'll probably not find much better prices.
    Buy it if you need a card for an HD camera, or something that requires the Class 10 speed. Otherwise, if you only need the capacity, a lower class card might be a better option, and will be a lot cheaper.


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