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card holder black Customers Reviews

  • nice and functional

    posted by romi777

    - This is good looking case- magnet works nice and it is the best solution- size for enough cards- metal enclosure will protect your wireless cards from unwanted reading
    - maybe thickness of the black part should smaller to save space fgor more cards, or space in your pocket :)
    I was looking for case big enough, nice looking, and practical to replace my wallet - and I found it - I store all my ID cards, credit cards and some coins too ! :) For coins I mage a little adapter so they will hold betrter - I have used credit card transparent protection cover - I have cutted bigger hole to enter the coins and it is perfect.
  • Good money clip

    posted by hidekimorais

    A nice and compact way of keeping together bills and a credit card.Very good material and color.
    Of course, this moneyclip is compact, but seems quite bulky compared to a simple moneyclip.A simple moneyclip and a slim leather card holder work better, in my opinion.
    Good and cheap, but if you carry more than 2 cards on yourself, you may prefer a simple moneyclip and a slim card holder.
  • beats carrying a wallet

    posted by Colo

    Takes lot less space than my old wallet. All the cards i need and some money fits in nicely. Does not seem very easy to break, looks nice and works fine. Would recommend anyone who does not like to carry around lots of cash money, but uses cards to pay instead.
    Works for business cards, creditcards, paper money, you name it. Going to order second one later for carrying business cards, first one is reserved for credit cards.
    Usefull item, good quality on other parts than paint. Very cheap price compared what same kinda items cost on shops around here.
  • Good accessory

    posted by ReLoaderr

    It is convenient.
    - The stylish.
    - Looks expensively.
    - At opening it is convenient to get from it cards.
    - There is a clamp, doesn't allow to open and lose contents any way
    It would be desirable to see certainly a variant from "skin" and a beautiful logo that reminded expensive thing from expensive shop. But even in its current kind it isn't a shame for getting.
    Fine stylish thing which is deprived lacks that does by its fine accessory for daily use that I and do already long time. I recommend for purchase.
  • Basic Memmory Card Case

    posted by andrewph

    Good for storing cards in a cool and dry placeStiff plastic case.Almost the same size as a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP.Palm sized with non-slip surface on the edge.
    Avoid opening all the way, unless its necessary.the thinge might break. Not sure if the hinges are strong enough for repeated opening and closing.
    Not water tight enough for a quick water exposure.Good memory card protector/case stored in a cool dry place.

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