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  • Very useful if you have many games

    posted by VenomIreland

    - Can store 22 games in total, both 3DS and DS.- Can also store 2 spare stylus- Compact and easy to store, smaller than a DS game case
    It can also store 2 SD cards and two microSD cards, however I feel it would have been better if these could store game cartridges in instead.
    A great product to have if you have a load of cartridges. It's also rather small so it's easy to carry around and much better than carrying all of the individual game boxes.
  • Nifty little cardbox

    posted by stnzx

    If you want to store a lot of cards in a little box, this 28-in-1 Protective Game Card Cartridge Case - Sapphire Blue, is the one to buy.It fits 28 different format cards in a little space, so you can take them everywhere, nicely protected
    Make the same box, only for sd cards, for photographers a real solution
    The 28-in-1 Protective Game Card Cartridge Case - Sapphire Blue is a perfect box if you wanna store different format cards in one place.If you are looking for an pure sd card holder, choose differently
  • Just what I needed

    posted by mike430681

    Small, compact size is nice. This holds three Nintendo carts and one SD card. This was an unexpected feature, I thought it would hold four DS Carts.
    If this had a slot to hold several micro sd cards instead of the 3rd DS cart, this would be infinitely more useful, I have lots of micro sd cards with ds games on them and would love to be able to carry these around with both my TTDS and U2DS carts.
    If you want to travel with several DS carts, this is a nice option.
  • Cheap and works

    posted by Steve616

    Well packaged good housing and good design in the minimum space that is achieved by storing up to 10 PS Vita games. semi-transparent material allows you to see the games easily.
    This is a cheap and cheerful item, does exactly what you need from it.
    A good buy to carry your Vita games around without having you to take the big boxes that come with games
  • Perfect to store game cards!

    posted by silverspoon

    + Nice and colourful.
    + Saves your game cards from dust and scratches while they are not in use.
    + Could be used for other items such as SIM cards, Micro SD cards etc.
    + Very low price and they come in a lot of 5 cases.
    + Transparent, so we could see which case has what game.
    When you pay $30-40 for your games it's only logical to keep them safe from dust and scratches. You only pay a very small amount of money and could get 5 of these to protect your games. It's a win deal, I highly recommend them to keep your game cards fresh and new for longer duration of time.
    Just buy them and keep your game cards safe and secured.

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