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car window Customers Reviews

  • great switch

    posted by jonnyhomeboy

    It certainly does everything that I want it to do. It looks good, fits good, and has a beautiful finish. The arrows are lovely. I wish I could draw arrows that nice.
    I use it to run a home made back drop stand which I made for my wife, and she loves it!It would be nice if it were backlit if it were to be used as a window switch. (Or so it could be used in my wife's studio in the dark)
    Try one....... you'll like it!!
  • Does the job

    posted by JonathanArr

    These do the job, very easy to store in the car, would fit in almost any space. Easy to setup in the window, most of the time they will fit without the suction cup as they are big enough to be retained by the car window frame. Would fit even in the office windows.
    I will buy more pairs, one for each window, for long trips with the family.
    Very good product and solution for the price. Wouldn't mind buying another one if this get damaged.
  • Bether than I Expected

    posted by Rospo

    It is Better than I Expected, it has a great sucker fixing in the car window, after opened, It does not Retractable by yourself. The button to Retract works perfectly. It comes in a Two Pack. It is a great Car Window Sun Shade.
    It is a little bit expensive.
    For the quality I think it is a great deal ( mainly because is a two Pack ).
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by Qualms

    This Sun-Shade is dirty cheap, does the work it should and overall has good quality.
    If the suction cups supplied could be of a better quality, this product would be perfect. the shade got a bit twisted on delivery but I was able to fix it in about 2 seconds, no big deal.Other that that, I recieved this product in the middle of the summer and I felt the difference immediately. It reduced the temprature in my car by at lease 2-3 degrees celsius.
    An excellent value for money. This could easily cost two or three times higher in a local store. If you have a car and you live in a warm country, this product is a must.
  • they work!

    posted by wwwacky

    I stuck it behind the existing seal to make it a little more firm. It made a noticeable difference right away! tape on the back only covers about half the strip's width, but since I was just tucking it behind the factory strip, I didn't need it to really stick to anything.
    One strip goes around MOST of a car door in my car. For the front doors, these were about 15 inches short of going all the way around, and for the back doors, they were about 10 inches short. So 5 strips for 4 doors should do, if you're doing a small vehicle. I drive a Ford Focus.
    Good product. Get it if you need it! It works :)

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