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car wash Customers Reviews

  • It is a good product!

    posted by Dan0ver

    This product is very soft, no scratches, very good for washing the car, I recommend to all! It's comfortable. Fits perfectly with our hands. Removes dirt. It can be used to clean other surfaces. The size is good
    I recommend to everyone who has a special care of their cars, it really is a good product, it is soft and does not scratch or stain. The color is a bit strong, it could have in other colors. Remove the dirt very well. I recommend using a good cleaner.
  • Clay Car Wash Mud - Blue

    posted by waterat007

    Clay Car Wash Mud – Blue Polymer Clay is a Car Detailing Clay that contains a polymer that helps to glide the bar over surfaces more effectively. These polymers also add a layer of surface protection and shine to your finish.Clay Car Wash Mud – Blue Polymer Clay is safe on all paint, chrome, glass, fibreglass and plastic.1/5th the price than buying a Branded Car Care Product. Some even use the same Bar.Is reasonably priced, Does a great job, More smoother than a babies bottom. Would buy again. :-)
    - It’s ideal for use before and between regular wax jobs.- Clay Car Wash Mud - Blue is soft, which makes it easier to mould and form.- It removes harmful surface contaminants such as ; paint over spray, tree sap, bug residue, industrial fallout, bird droppings, road grime, brake dust, tyre dust and other stubborn dirt.
    - Wash Vehicle before hand.- Only use half of the bar when you first use it.- Watch You Tube for correct use, tips and tricks.- Must be Used with a Cleaner Lube.- I used a Road Tar and Bug Remover watered down at 2 to 1. And used a spray bottle to keep the surface wet and slippery, as my cleaner lube.- Store in a zip top bag with some of the lube to keep fresh.- If you drop it on the ground - Discard (contaminated), but you will still have half a bar left.
  • Good Product

    posted by rufinocastro

    Let's wash the car.Great product for cleaning my car. It protects my hand inside from old dry dirt on my car. Since my car is high it allows my to reach further on the roof.
    Perfect size on my hand.The color is very dark so it will be easy to wash.I hope that it keep the color after the frequently washes.
    I beleive that could be a good product to clean windows or any material that has glass.I didn´t try yet.
  • Great product

    posted by ragmarotta

    - Very good glove for washing cars, and absorbs the water and cleans without scratching
    - Very strong, I have washed mine several times and is still perfect, even abusing the bristles.
    - In Brazil, this one costs three times and sold here is identical
    - Easy to wash and dry
    Great for those who want to wash your car without risks and without spending too much money on expensive brand-name products at the bottom that will do the same job.
  • Bushnell, Zhumell, Nikon

    posted by Alexandretroy

    product of great quality, I really liked the finish and utility that will give me, I was looking for some time, it was a great buyYou really won't be sorry to trash one of these in case you drop it on the ground as it's cheap.
    It's a nice foam for the detailing guy. It's not top notch but for the price you can't complain. And it sure has enough quality to get the job done.You really won't be sorry to trash one of these in case you drop it on the ground as it's cheap.
    You really won't be sorry to trash one of these in case you drop it on the ground as it's cheap.


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