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On this page, you can find a wide selection of car usb player. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Browse the products from tv usb player, or some other related Pages like fm usb player. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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car usb player Customers Reviews

  • Little and usefull

    posted by Mamifero

    The module is very little, so its easy to put it everywhere. Very clear sound on Pendrive and SD card. Also you can put a wire as antenna.
    Its very usefull, but there is no place for it in my car, so i will use it with a power amplifier in my home. And if you dont know how to use it, many users explain who, so anyone can connect it.
    Recomended, and its easy to connect.
  • Very good, very useful

    posted by guilhermerrrr

    Good quality.it has a *USB port for flashdrives*SD card slot*aux. port with the aux. cable.*Regarding the delivery it was very fast.Came in a box, no damage.*The quality audio is reasonable good.*The blue light is good enough to read the screen.*You can change the volume, change the transmitted frequency, the music and play/pause on the device.*On the remote control (that works fine) you can accces the (very simple) menu, change the folder, plus, everything else you can do on the device interface.* I have it for more than a month, works fine!
    I choose this FM transmitter because it has 3 different ways to work. SD card, Flashdrive and the auxiliary cable for a cellphone for example.
    I recommend this product. It has a great quality for the price.It has some points that are not so good, but even though is a great product, you can buy without fear
  • Exelent value, for money

    posted by jazmanaut

    Very lightweight, and smallsized.Does not heat.Desent audio quality. Good hi, and bassfrequency response Mid-feqs are ´bit "plastigy" but hey, at this price it´s all good!
    There is large selection of cheap, small digital amplifiers. This is on of them :D
    For this price, its more than proper buy, if your after easy, ok sounding and small amplifier.
  • Good for its price

    posted by landeel

    Sound quality is good.It's very easy to change the radio frequency.FM signal is strong and easy to tune.Supports both USB flash drives and memory cards.For this price, you don't have to worry if it gets stolen.
    Terrible if you plug a flash drive with your music collection and try to find a specific song or folder.Good for plugging a flash drive with just a dozen songs on it and then just play it straight.
    I really like this device. It does what it promises.You won't find anything better for this price, so go ahead and buy it.
  • Easy to Adjust, Clear Signal, Lots of Bass

    posted by kurtismccartney

    Solid construction, better MP3 processing. This is much better than the other kind that I had used in the past.Listening to music is clearest around 98-102mHz where 320kps songs get their best treatment.In Ontario, Canada aftermarket audio equipment can make your government mandated car insurance go up. Use this and keep it in your glove box to save money and get the best out of an older car.
    My GF wanted one and tried to steal it a couple of times. Buy a couple so that you can share.
    Save money - listen to your MP3 collection.

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