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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase car usb fm here and you can save money at the same time. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. car usb power and car to usb are the hottest keywords that customer use. With your support, we can do better.
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car usb fm Customers Reviews

  • Good buy

    posted by AndySwe

    Build quality = not perfect but good enough. No squeaking sounds. The plug is short and doesn't stick out from the panel too much.Very easy to get started.Sound quality = almost as good as regular FM-radio.
    The unit plays directories at one level (possibly more).Shuffle works fine.It would be perfect if it played flac aswell.
    Great item! I wish I had more cars so I could buy more of this item. :)
  • Quickest yet

    posted by iggie

    This unit has a very clear screen and the best price of all roof mount DVD's. There are many functions that work well and sound is of comparable quality. It arrived in record time not even a week from the time I ordered it.
    Make sure you check that the screws supplied fit in the bracket. Where I am it's difficult to find metric screws that small in a regular hardware store.
    Best unit for the price cannot go wrong just check the screws.
  • Good and simple

    posted by Alantay

    The audio is very loud and clear. The front panel is easy to use and beautiful display. The installation is quite standard and easy to install. SD card slot and USB port all worked well. Took a little time to figure out how to configure the radio.
    For a cheap and temporary use for a car stereo,this is a good buy.
    Cheap and good enough for normal listening. Worth the price.
  • Great sound quality

    posted by hynek

    Sound quality is excellent. I have a Bose sound system in my car and when I connect this to my iPhone it sounds as good as my CDs. Better than any FM station on the radio.It's a very small unit, but the build quality is solid.
    Easy to use. Pick a frequency that is not used by any radio station. (although this broadcasts so strong that I think I could override radio reception in other cars :))
    Very good value for the money. I was surprised by how good the sound quality was.
  • I recommend

    posted by gmfbrasil

    For those who do not have USB input on the car stereo, this device is all good, no need to change the sound. The sound quality is great, I like and recommend. Another thing I really liked was the power button, so you can leave connected to the ashtray of the car and just turn on and off whenever you want.
    It's worth is much cheaper than a new sound.
    I am satisfied with the purchase.

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