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This is our best car turn signal yellow, they all share a great design and great prices. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

car turn signal yellow Customers Reviews

  • Very bright

    posted by Bettoni

    Very Bright LightSimilar to 10w Incandescent Bulb for carsI used the reverse light and had the same light that incandescentYou also can use on other parts of the car that has the plug 1156
    I usually disassembles them for quality certification, not disassembled yet, but look very goodIt is the first light to reverse driving that bought and enjoyed it very much. See my photos.
    I recommend
  • Not bright enough.

    posted by danikase

    -> Consumption is far less than stock bulb 21W (1/10).
    -> Turns on and off instantly.
    -> LEDs have far longer life around 100 000 hours.
    Check if your car applies positive to the center terminal before buying. Mine did so only in the rear turning signals. In the front I couldn't use because they were reverse polarized.
    Cheap, and it's nice to try.
  • Look cool!

    posted by Hieronimuss

    The item arrived in a month, in mint state. I tried the lights before the installation, and they work just fine. They have a really bright and great color, and really are easy to see when on. Makes your car look cooler, and you also are safer!
    None declared
    Great product! (but you'll need a little patiente for the installation)
  • Good Led but could be more brighter

    posted by dnbelmont

    Good led, specifications as described on DX.
    Compact size fits well on stock car sockets and holes.
    Is incolor when off, ideal to get a clean look on your headlights.
    well builded, looks solid.
    Note maybe you must to conect a resistor in parallel to load the circuit and stabilize the speed of blinking.
    Good led if you know you will lose some bright, compared to stock bulbs.
  • Side Mirror Mount Turning Signal Lights

    posted by PeekaHill

    Good supplement to front (bumper) or side (fender) mounted turning signals.
    Once fitted to a sharply curved mirror, heat, sun and weather may cause the adhesive tape to come unstuck. It's also a lot of work to open up the mirror, make a hole for the cable, and then run the cable into the inner door, through the hinge umbilical cable, and eventually to the turn signal wiring of the car. Expect a couple of hours (or more) of difficult work.
    Good product for the price and a useful safety addition to the vehicle, but quite a bit of work required to fit them and make a neat job of it. Not too sure that they will stay stuck to the mirror for a long time, and they are visible - maybe a bit TOO visible. They almost take over the mirror, and something half the size would have looked much better. In fact, now that I have the wiring in place, I might even replace them with a simple 2 centimetre round LED bezel which would look much neater. If I had known the work involved, and what they would look like when fitted, I would not have bought them in the first place.

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