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  • Good bulbs, get 'em

    posted by Graafvaag

    - Good red color, looks beter than original bulbs- These bulbs are small, so they'll definitely fit.- Brightness is OK. Just slightly less than the original, but definitely enough.- The price is absolutely no reason not to try these!
    I bought these as replacement rear light bulbs for my Peugeot 106. They're bright enough as standard rear lights and will fit in any car since the're very small
    When looking for LED bulbs for your car's rear light, these will do!
  • For Rx-8 owners

    posted by Skywalker81

    super bright super eye catching!!!easily get sighted. easy installation,plug n play. brake and signal fits well(7443/T20). same goes to the reverse light bulbs. Packaging is awesome, comes with protective envelopes to protect the bulbs.
    is good if it comes with an diagrams or basic installation manual.
    satisfy with the product with this price tag. worth trying. much cheaper than local shop.
  • Good 5W bulb replacements

    posted by TNX255

    I bought three pairs of these to replace my somewhat dim Toyota Avensis T25 2004 stock rear light 5 watt bulbs. Delivery took about three weeks to Finland, not bad. They arrived in the usual DX bubblewrapper envelope, and were not damaged. All tested out OK, no defective LEDs, and all very nicely aligned too. A couple had the "cone" part with the LEDs slightly crooked to the side from the base, but it was firmly attached and did not have any effect on usage. Brightness is higher than regular 5w (clear colored) bulbs, and these suit very well as replacements for those. The Avensis has three bulbs in each tail light, and before I could tell where each individual bulb was, but these spread the light more evenly and it looks a lot better (and brighter) now :) Fitting was no problem, there was plenty of space in the light housing for these to fit.
    I wanted red bulbs specifically because I figured that very bright clear ones would shine through the plastic red cover of the tail light and distort the shade of red. Seems I made the right choice :)
    Solid quality, good brightness, not overly expensive, fits my application very well and spreads the light more evenly than normal bulbs. Recommended!
  • Little Dim in the Sun, but gets the job done

    posted by Rushpro1851

    -Works on 12 Volts-Works wired up either way (+/- do not matter, see other thoughts)
    These actually have 8 small leds inside, but only four work depending on which wire it up. Pretty handy for ease of use, but it also makes them pretty dull. I was going to use them on a quad, but I don't think they are going to be bright enough to work.
    These indicators work great, however they are a little hard to see in outside during the day.
  • After 2 years they still works fine.

    posted by RCZevallos

    Bright of these bulbs are very similar to the original incandescent ones but using less energy. Brake light are similar to the original and the position ligh is brighter than original incandescent bulbs.I have these bulbs almost 2 years and they are still working perfect. Led ligh is faster than incandescent bulbs, therefore a few milliseconds could avoid or minimize rear crash damage from another driver.
    It is a very good replacement of the origunal incandescent bulbs.Since the leds are red there are no waste of energy on the rest of colours which are filtered by the red taillights of the car.
    Good light, good quality.

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