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car rearview mirror Customers Reviews

  • Nice mirror

    posted by outrojuliano

    Excellent mirror, almost the same size as my car (suzuki grand vitara) and fit perfectly over the original mirror. Screen with good size and easy viewing. Very good stuff, seems pretty sturdy. Fast and easy installation.
    I had no problems viewing the screen from the mirror, even on sunny days. But my car has film in glasses.
    Seriously considering buying another to install in another car. I liked it very much and left me quite satisfied. Great Deal.
  • Easy Install and wireless works well

    posted by eisenhauerjason

    Easy install. Didn't have to run a wire from the front to the back. I didn't have to cut or modify anything. The sending antenna worked even though it was in the trunk of my wife's Mitsubishi. Very clear video.
    I didn't check the width of the mirror/monitor and therefore both sun visors slightly hit the mirror when they are lowered. We live in Canada and don't know how well it will work, if it still does, once winter comes back around.
    Worth the purchase in my case.
  • Good for the money

    posted by edirsonjr

    The price is awsome! The quality is acceptable.A qualidade é bem aceitável especialmente considerando o baixíssimo custo do produto
    I am happy with my purchase.O produto agrada de maneira geral. A embalagem é assustadoramente simple e feia, mas ok; não pretendo usar a embalagem
  • Good product, reasonable price and easy to install

    posted by gigieyal43

    It is very easy to install the camera and the screen and the big advantage of not having to move wires from the behind of the vehicle to the front cabin .Works well and without special interferenceSee the screen well and without interruption .
    I have no other thoughts .Sorry that I not ordered another for my friends, but I bought another one to other friend.
  • Great screen mirror

    posted by luisata

    Great size, fits exactly over my Toyota camry 2005 original mirror, it has a low tint (looks fine, not cheap) and the image is awesome.The image appears in the middle of the mirror.the mirror has 2 video inputs, but I don´t know how to use the second one, because there is only 1 RCA for video (where i plug the camera) and a single spare red cable wich I asume is for the second video input, but I do not know.
    I do not use the sound on my rearview camera, but i guess it´s fine.Also, when my reverse camera is off, the mirror is also off, wich is great, instead of those who shows a blue screen when there is no video input. (my camera only turns on when the reverse light turns on)
    It´s a great mirror (good tinted mirror quality and also the plastic seems fine), at a low Price, so buy it.Came in a color printed carbox with foam, and a plastic film protecting the mirror. NO INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL

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