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car reading led lamp Customers Reviews

  • Nice bright light

    posted by gorandi

    Gives very bright light for it size . I might need to use some rectifier to reduce brightness a bit. Adhesive tape make it easy to attach on almost any surface instantly . There are few adapters for different connector types.
    Will use it for my car trunk , to save some battery power :)
    Nice cool gadget . Fulfill my lighting need for a small price. I can recommend this item for car interior lightning or for emergency backup light
  • Very good light spread and good consumption

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Very good light.More, more light than regular bulbs, than 10W regular. Very Low consumption.The light is emitted in all direction.The light became emitted more quickly than regular bulbs and stop emitting instantly.Very Good price.The pcb plate is not heating.
    I use 2 for my plate number in my car. The plate is very good illuminated and the light is much much more bright than regular bulb. The light is so bright that the bulbs illuminate the asphalt behind the car for more than 1 meter also. It helps you to see where to step when you are behind in the night to the trunk. It is very useful.
    I use 2 bulbs in my car for more than 1 year and function perfectly. Very good W10W Leds with lower price. Excellent buy for me.
  • Led Lamp BA9S - 1,5W - color Red

    posted by Arismar

    SMD LED more light with less heat dissipation and energy consumption. Preserves the integrity of the socket of the bulb, not melting, do not dissipate heat as the filament bulbs. By design the emission of light is brighter and more intense colour. Good durability. Several colors.
    Product well protected against damage during transport. Seller fast and accurate. Product with good quality.
    The best quality in lighting and prevent possible damage to the socket of the bulb due to work the SMD at very low temperature. Much better that filament lamps. This Led came to facilitate the work on automobile Panel lighting and other applications in the car with many advantages.
  • Nice bright light

    posted by MrKuj

    Very nice and bright light. I have replaced my interior light with this item and the light intensity is much better! It has small dimensions, so it can fit any place perfectly.
    Very good for interior of car, you will see the difference...It comes with adapters for several bulb types and a nice package.
    Very usefull item. If you want a brighter light in the car interior, just buy it. I will certainly buy more of this item. Thanx DX!
  • Great quality for an almost perfect price.

    posted by Kopler

    This LED (light-emitting diode) lamp is of very good quality, with a extreme light for the small power imput that it uses. It's very light and well made, and slim, that way you can use it on other things besides a "reading lamp" in your personal car, if you want to, you can use it for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects in your car, like putting a light in the down part of your seat.I used one of those lights as a turn signal light in a car of a friend of mine, and it works perfectly! I couldn't ask for more, it really does its job!
    Good materials!
    TL;DR: great price, great lamp, if you need it or want to get a better reading lamp, go ahead!

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