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Check out the great car power charger lightning to see if there is any that suits you. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

car power charger lightning Customers Reviews

  • Iphone 5 Charger

    posted by raulfsilva

    This product works fine. I had no problem using this charger.I tryed all the options (usb charger, eletrical charger and car charger) and they all work properlly.
    Although i could not use the eletrical charger plugged directly in my house system, with an adaptor (about 2$ in this website) it works with no problem.
    Has i said before, this produt do what it is suposed to do. Don't expect no more and no less of what you see in the pictures.I have de same package from the offical store, and the final efect is exactly the same.I use this product only with Iphone 5.
  • Great Product - Fully Compatible

    posted by gerpe

    This is a great Product, it delivers what is promissed. I used this EU Plug Power Adapter + Car Charger + Lightning 8-Pin Male to USB Male Cable with my Iphone 5C and did not get any issues. As far as i know it is fully Compatible with Iphone 5C.I have tried other already bought other power adapters from DX that did not charge and got the incompatible error from apple devices. I bought SKU 173983 (8-Pin Lightning Male to USB Male Cable + 2-Round-Pin Plug Power Adapter Set for iPhone 5 - White) and it didn´t charge at all my IPHONE 5C.
    I recommend it
    Great working product for a good price
  • Very nice car kit

    posted by Xcon74

    Seems to have an excellent build quality and the molding is very good without rough edges.Charge time to full power level is as good as the original part(s).Nice white color.
    An "OEM package" for online sales with low(er) postage cost for yourself and your store/webshop.
    An OEM package for and note retail for your shop but top notch nonetheless. An worth every penny.And I recommend this to every owner of an iPhone 5.
  • Good pack for charging.

    posted by Naimad666

    It is a very cheap cable, and the combination with the car charger and the adapter for the new Apple connector makes it a good choice for anyone that own different devices and need to use it with both connectors. Everything working fine so far.
    Bought it mainly to use it to connect with my car stereo. And the fact that it is black makes it perfect for that! It took approximately one month to deliver to Brazil.
    A good choice for anyone in need of a cable, and don't want a white one.
  • All cables and charges works nice

    posted by felipefernandes

    It's good to have an extra charge for the iPhone. I have three for mine. One in my car, other in my job, another at home. You won't be with low batterie no time! This is a good product for a cheap price. The data cable works just fine.
    I've bought for iPhone 4S and didn't work like this. This is a good product.
    I recommend this for your iPhone 5. Everybody need an extra charger, and this is a good one.

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