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car lights 12v h4

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car lights 12v h4 Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good, but illegal in most countries

    posted by McKaamos

    -Actually pretty bright, as they need to be since a higher color temperature (turning blue-ish) lowers the lumens.-The fact that these are more white than regular bulbs make road markings and traffic signs light up like a christmas tree.-Usually easy to install. Depends on your car, but H4 bulbs are generally the easiest. Quite litteraly "Plug n Play".
    They work pretty well. I've had them for about a year now and they still work. Qualitywise these are great!You should remember to check if these are legal in your country. They are illegal here but no-one seems to care.Also, to keep these bulbs from blinding other drivers, set the reflectors a tad lower than stock. Blinding someone might cause dangerous situations.
    Great if you need some high power bulbs. Just be carefull with them because of the aforementioned reasons.
  • H4 5W 102-SMD LED 6500K 460-Lumen

    posted by mn9375wd

    May be good into anti-fog lamp.
    Good for anti-fog, terribly for headlight.
  • hi lo h4 hid that work well

    posted by madwhip

    Well made. Do what they say seem bright. Plugged straight up. Had instructions but they aren't really needed as you can't really get them wrong.
    A great set of bulbs. I had failed a warrant of fitness for my vehicle due to having only fog lights for lo beam. These allow me to have both. I think they're well worth the money.
    I'm surprised by the quality for the price I paid.
  • Not so good

    posted by TACC1406

    Cheap product, one of the cheapest I found. Its quality is not as good, but meets the need. Leave your headlight a little whiter than usual and as I am in Brazil, I will not be approached by the police in the city or during travel. Has brightness similar to the original lamp. Is there a protection around the lamp that can keep you safe during shipment of the product.
    Still prefer the bulb from Philips, its quality is superior to this one, its value is not as high and I could use for more than 1 year and still kept running smoothly, even driving on bad roads. Its brightness is higher than the original lamp and yet provides a whiter appearance and which remains enabled by the police.
    Nothing so interesting
  • They're bright & they're cheap.

    posted by christopherbair

    They're bright, white-light, bulbs.
    These lights have the blue coating, but the light output is not too-blue. It looks white.
    These lights are pretty bright. They're brighter than my store bought Silverstar H4 bulbs that claim to be 30% brighter than stock. They say on the package that these are for off road use only.
    Very bright, cheap replacement H4 bulbs. I'd recommend adjusting your headlight aim after installing these, if your car has that option.

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